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portion size???? 10 month old

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murphyslaws · 20/03/2016 19:09

I'm so confused with portion size...

She has the equivalent to a jar or sachet for breakfast and lunch but at lunch she also has ham and cheese as well.

Dinner she struggles.... She has her milk (which she has during the day) and hour later she has a fromage frais, cheese and slice of meat. She won't take any more. This is not a set meal just a rough idea of portion size.

Is this enough?

(Added note as I get comments about my terminology or spellings, English is not first language). So sorry for mistakes

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murphyslaws · 21/03/2016 08:06


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DaisyFranceLynch · 22/03/2016 11:21

I would post this in weaning as well since the infant feeding board mostly seems to be about breastfeeding or formula feeding, rather than solid food.

My son is 11 months old and we are doing baby led weaning. I think he's eating less than your little girl but the health visitor seemed happy with the portion sizes (which have gone up gradually) and with his weight. They are still getting a lot of nutrition from milk at this age and seem to develop an enthusiasm for food in their own time.

Typical meal - a slice of toast plus some chopped up banana and avocado
Or pasta with cheese and peas
Or two fish fingers with some vegetables (a few broccoli florets, a couple of asparagus spears)

He will usually eat about two thirds of whatever we offer him and throw the rest on the floor.

One health visitor suggested giving milk after a meal rather than before so that they are hungrier for the solids - is she having a lot of milk in her last milk feed before dinner?

dementedpixie · 22/03/2016 11:27

When does she have milk/solids ? I think at that age mine had 3 milk feeds and 3 meals plus a morning snack e.g.
7, 2.30, 7.15 - milk
8, 12, 5 - meals
10ish - snack and water

murphyslaws · 22/03/2016 11:37

I've reposted in weaning- thanks

She has milk 7 2.30 and 5

Meals 8 12 and 6.30

When she had meal first she won't take any milk hence swapped 5 and 6.30 feeds around

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