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Feelingblue222 · 07/03/2016 20:34


Got DS 4weeks weighed today and he's dropped percentiles slightly since last week which has upset me as I've been demand feeding at least every 2 hours during the day all week (he goes longer at night thankfully, usually 4 hours then 3 hours).

I've also been really struggling with him in the evenings - from around 5pm he won't go more than about 20m between feeds which I can't cope with any more - I have another DS5 to feed and put to bed (frequently alone as DH works a lot of evenings) and also obviously I need to eat too.

When I am feeding him in the evenings I often find he screams at the breast and backs away but still roots and will want to feed again soon after.

Wondering about trying him with a bottle of formula at around 5 to see if that helps settle him but feeling like a bit of a failure and wondering if this would affect my milk supply going forwards too?

Any advice/experiences gratefully received!

OP posts:
SilverHoney · 07/03/2016 20:40

If you want to give a bottle of formula then do.

However, if you're doing it because you think he's not getting enough from you, then you really don't need to.

It sounds like you're doing an amazing job. Feeding on demand is so hard. It's normal for him to move up and down the percentile lines a little. Natural fluctuations. Did the health visitor who weighed him have any concerns?

If the evening cluster feeds get a bit much and you want a break, you could always get DH to give a bottle as a one off one evening when he's home. Just because you give him one bottle doesn't mean you have to continue that every day.

Go easy on yourself, it sounds like you've got your hands full Flowers

Kennington · 07/03/2016 20:44

I did 1 bottle of formula from 2 weeks I think. I used a NUK teat bottles which are slow flow and was able to mix feed for over 2 years! Good luck!
The NUK bottles really are amazing for mix feeding. Try Amazon or your hospital - St Thomas gave me mine.

Girliefriendlikesflowers · 07/03/2016 20:45

I did this with dd, we had had a tricky start to begin with though so wasn't exactly the same scenario. It does depend on the baby I think if they are happy to mix feed, some babies will refuse the bottle, some will try the bottle and then refuse the breast Confused but then plenty of others will happily feed from both!

You could may be try it and see if it does make a difference, my personal opinion is one bottle feed in 24 hrs won't make a massive difference in your supply but its entirely up to you.

Kennington · 07/03/2016 20:45

Just spoke to husband it was 2 x 50ml bottles of formula per day - one morning and one by him at night.
I expressed on and off but didn't enjoy that too much.

cathpip · 07/03/2016 20:48

Very few babies stay on the percentiles they were born on, most will fluctuate up/down and eventually settle on one around 6months. Only one of my 4dc has stayed on the same line, two of them dropped 50% but then they did start off the chart, 1 was breast fed the other bottle.
The cluster feeds are torture esp if they are being grotty at the same time, all of mine had a witching 2 hours at older dc's bath and bedtime, if giving him a bottle as and when it's convenient suits you then go for it, I did this with dc4 and it certainly didn't affect my supply.

Feelingblue222 · 07/03/2016 21:11

Thanks for all the replies, think I will try a bottle while DH is home one evening, just feels like a big step somehow although I know in reality it's not particularly!

Kennington-thanks for the bottle recommendation, I hadn't thought about buying any as SIL gave us a bag full of her old ones so was just going to get new nipples, but thinking about it her DS is now 13 so the bottles may be past their best - think I'll invest in some new ones!

Would anyone recommend giving formula at the end of a breast feed in the evening or just going straight in with a full formula feed?

OP posts:
Girliefriendlikesflowers · 07/03/2016 21:34

I would bf first and then try the bottle, this will give you some idea whether he is actually still hungry or if he is just fretting for other reasons!

Yy to getting new bottles Grin

tiktok · 08/03/2016 08:19

Feelingblue, no info in your post suggests any need for formula - dies sound like the evenings are hard at the moment though because of normal baby behaviour and high expectations. Easier to change the expectations and work round the behaviour than to change normality :)

Cluster feeding is normal and temporary. Using a sling, getting tea ready in advance, making tea simple, maybe asking a local teen to come and play with your five year old for an hour sometimes in the late afternoon....all these strategies are possible and maybe easier than the extra work of preparing bottles and washing them etc.

Hope things get easier for you soon.

Metalhead · 08/03/2016 09:24

DD2 gets a bottle first at bedtime then boob if she's still hungry (or just wants the comfort). Did the same with DD1 and never had any issues with supply.

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