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CrispsAndChoc · 29/02/2016 00:28

I have a week old baby (pfb) and am breastfeeding. Since about 9/10 pm she has not stopped feeding. If she's not latched on she's screaming. Is this normal? When is it likely to stop? I'm so tired and need sleep!

OP posts:
OneBiscuitAtATime · 29/02/2016 00:43

This sounds pretty normal to me I'm afraid. Very young babies will cluster feed for our in order to build up your supply. I think my longest session lasted till 2am. It's a phase and it will pass.

CrispsAndChoc · 29/02/2016 01:06

Thanks biscuit. So do you think I'm due a break soon?

OP posts:
Rolypolybabies · 29/02/2016 08:41

Will prob do this for up to 6 weeks just gradually getting less intense. On the good side it is great for supply so will aid you bf-ing in the long term. Try and get through it! Learning to feed sidelying with a rolled muslin to keep baby close into me worked great. you can get away easier when they drop off too than holding them. hope baby gives you a long sleep this morning to make it up Smile

AmyLouKin · 29/02/2016 18:03

No advice Crispsandchoc I'm afraid, just sympathy from someone in the same boat. My lovely little week old boy turns into a fussy monster at about 10 or 11pm till 2 or 3am! I sent my OH down to sleep on the sofa last night as I figured it was pointless us both being awake! Think I got about 4 hours in total plus had 2 lovely poopy nappies to clear up! 😊 I'm sure we will get through it. I've read they sleep for longer at 3 months so I'm looking forward to then! He's feeding atm, still. He's been on for about an hour! Good luck OP.

kbro79 · 29/02/2016 21:05

Very normal. The first 6 weeks of breastfeeding are intense. But it gets loads easier. And before you know it you'll have a 6 month old who is completely distracted by everything even in a dark empty room that you'll be forcing that boob in his mouth. (If that's what you want, of course) Smile

Focusfocus · 29/02/2016 21:07

Enjoy it while it lasts. The interest in feeding. At 4 months everything except your chest is interesting so you'll enter the awful world of a distracted baby with a nipple in his out turning 180 degrees away from you with nipple still in mouth to look at the dog sleeping or a plain wall even.

Underbella · 29/02/2016 21:09

I have a 3 week old. The same happened to me around week 2 of her life. It was really hard but it does get better!

Underbella · 29/02/2016 22:41

Do you feed lying down?

I do this every evening to get dd to sleep to allow me to get to bed for a couple of hours.

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