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Help, Nipple shields and head bobbing!

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AmyLouKin · 26/02/2016 18:43

Hello mumsnet gurus! I would really appreciate any advice you can give. My beautiful 4 day old boy is jaundiced and we have been advised to feed every 3 hours even though he seems to naturally want to go about every 4! I am using nipple shields as otherwise it is v v painful. It still hurts a bit with them but it's bearable. When he gets going he feeds fine but he seems to work himself up and cry a lot when latching on. He will bob his head about (with or without shield) and although he is hungry and wants the milk he can't get it cos he's moving. Also, this will often dislodge the shield which makes it all take longer. He has been feeding for 25 to 35 mins at a time for the past couple of days!
How do I
a. Make the shield stick in place better. I usually smear with milk to stick it on
b. Get him to latch quicker without him stressing and crying ......which makes latching trickier (vicious circle).
Thanks for any replies.

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Underbella · 27/02/2016 11:38

I used nipple Shields for them first five months of DD1 life. It was the only way I could get her to the breast.

I currently have a 3 week old and I used them for a day when nipples were extremely sore! They are alot better now,

Can you hold the nipple Shield in place with your other hand whilst baby settles down at the boob? DD2 wasn't overly keen on them though! Think it made her more fussy at the boob in the end but even just that day of use helped with healing.

Are you using lansinoh? You could use some of that to help it stick in place. Remember and apply it religiously after each feed! I'm just about to start my second tube.

I go through phases of DD2 struggling to latch. I've no idea how to help it apart from chill out and keep trying. Can you bear to take the shield off? Or are your nipples still sore?

AmyLouKin · 29/02/2016 17:25

Thanks Underbella. I have now managed a few feeds on the left breast without the shield but despite the lansinoh the right is too tricky. Nipple is much flatter on that side so he struggles to latch and then gets stressy and worked up. He latches better when sleepy, with the shields, I've noticed. We are getting there I think! Thanks very much for the advice! It's always helpful to hear others experiences!

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