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Newborn feeds take ages

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Underbella · 17/02/2016 11:10

DD2 is almost two weeks old.

I'd like to hear what breastfeeding was like for other people in the early days.

DD has been a good eater from day one. I feel that everything is OK milk supply wise.

Breastfeeding is still a bit painful with the initial latch. My nipples are still weeping a tiny bit. At times DD will push her face into my boob while breastfeeding and move her head round while attached which hurts! She doesn't cry but grumbles and growls a bit at the boob like she's not happy with it. She occasionally back arches when she's fussing.

Getting her on the breast can be a bit of a battle at times as she boxes my boobs!

Now onto the feeds, they can take up to half an hour to an hour on one breast, two hours if she wants both,sometimes I offer a third!

She is going bit longer between feeds. I can feel in my breasts a horrible pins and needles sensation when it's been awhile since the last feed.

I take it the length of time sat on ones bum breastfeeding will reduce as she gets older older?

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joyalf · 17/02/2016 11:13

My LO was like this at the start. I remember one day my OH left for work at 8am & I was on the sofa feeding & when he came back at 6pm I was still there! It takes a while to establish supply & for both you & LO to perfect your technique, it will speed up as you both get more efficient. Congratulations on your baby!

Underbella · 17/02/2016 14:25

Thanks joyalf

Looking forward to the day they comes and the pain is a distant memory!

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LaurieLemons · 17/02/2016 14:44

A midwife told me that 45 minutes on each boob is the max that they can be sucking just for food, otherwise it's comfort. No clue how true that is but it's probably a lot of comfort sucking as well. It will get better, and a dummy will help if you're planning on using one Smile

Underbella · 17/02/2016 15:25

I introduced a dummy a few days ago.

She's certainly good at letting me know when the dummy won't do! Other times, it gives me a break.

I never take her off when feeding, I just wait until she's asleep and tickle her a bit which stirs her enough to come off herself.

It's just a bit hard through the nights. I want to get back to sleep!

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Icklepickle101 · 17/02/2016 16:41

Mine was like this between 2-3 weeks now he is nearly 5 weeks he is super quick, probably 10 mins of feeding every 4 hours - amazing compared to 3 hours of feeding with an hours break that we were doing 2 weeks ago!!

Have you spoken to a bf counseller?

Underbella · 17/02/2016 17:26

No, they are supposed to get in touch with me. Health visitor starts her visits tomorrow.

I have the odd moment of exasperation but try to remind myself that she's not going to be a newborn for long. I should chill and enjoy!

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