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noisy fussy feeding..

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thegoldenlemon · 08/02/2016 09:08

Issue no 1...I'm coming up to 12 weeks breastfeeding my ds and so far, other than a bit of a bumpy start due to 36 week delivery and low blood sugars, things have gone well.

As we got into established feeding it seems as if one boob spurts milk out very fast as it chokes him and he has to come on and off every few gulps. The other boob frustrates him as it's clearly slower. We get there, but it's a fussy old process. What I'm finding tricky is feeding in public or with people I'm less close to such as in laws etc as the whole process makes it look like things aren't going so well and also he's not so keen on boob surrounded by bra, fabric etc.

He is an eager sucker and goes in and gets what he needs quickly in the night when he's sleepy he doesn't seem up choke at all. Is there anything I can do to a) slow down the flow a bit or help him out and b) get on better with public feeding? It's making me not get out and about as much as I'd like. Thank you. Off to post issue #2 now....Confused

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Junosmum · 08/02/2016 15:23

No advice, but just to say I have the same issue - boob1 is fast and chokes him, boob2 is clearly slower.

I've found feeding before he gets too hungry and feeding off boob2 first helps as boob1 leaks and this slows the let down when I do get latch him on. If I'm at home (alone) I just whip both boobs out and express boob1 to let some of the milk out first and express boob2 to get it moving. I just hand express.

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