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Do I need to see someone? Warning-*Graphic picture included*

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ampersandand · 07/02/2016 10:16

8 day old ds has not been latching on deep enough and has caused my nipples to open up at the base. I've changed feeding positions to the rugby ball hold and it has definitely improved things, however the nipple doesn't seem to be healing.

I've stopped using lansinoh as I felt the constant dampness would hinder healing.

Can someone please tell me if I should still be feeding him with nipples like this, will it heal? Do I need to see a doctor?

Although it's initially painful for the first 20 seconds its bearable in the new position.

Sorry for the picture but I feel it's necessary to see the damage.

Do I need to see someone? Warning-*Graphic picture included*
OP posts:
gamerchick · 07/02/2016 10:20

Try lay off feeding for around 24 hours on that side as much as possible. Nipples heal really quick. Rub some of your own milk in and let it hang out in the air as much as possible.

Whatdoidohelp · 07/02/2016 10:22

Keep feeding from that side or you'll get mastitis! Between feeds air the nip and smother with lasinoh. I know it hurts like a beast but keep feeding or expressing.

plantsitter · 07/02/2016 10:24

I would also consider using lansinoh again as otherwise it'll scab over with a hard scab and then you'll be back to square one when he feeds from it again.

Marzipants · 07/02/2016 10:27

Yes to rubbing in milk and airing, and I'd keep on with the Lansinoh. I wouldn't stop feeding from that side if the pain is bearable as it's still early days and you could be inviting mastitis / insanely painful boobs. If you can go for three hours without a feed on that side and keep on with the Lansinoh you should see a marked difference.

Good luck! Nipples are hardy things, sure you'll be fine.

gamerchick · 07/02/2016 10:33

It's not a given you'll get mastitis. I never did.

Let it air as much as possible though.

gamerchick · 07/02/2016 10:34

It is true, nipples are really clever things and suck a relief when they toughen up.

angelicjen · 07/02/2016 10:43

Jellonet gauze helps them heal really quickly. It's designed for burns and stops hard scabs forming. Between feeds cover in lansinoh and a folded piece of the gauze.
Try watching deep latch technique videos on YouTube. Good luck!

sarahbanshee · 07/02/2016 10:59

Has your baby been checked for tongue tie? Often a cause of poor latch. Lots of midwives aren't great at spotting it so worth looking into it.

imip · 07/02/2016 11:03

This happened to me when dd4 turned 1. I guess wed both got lazy and she developed a poor latch. Just didn't think it could happen when she was that old, I'd spent more than 4 yes if my life breast feeding up til then.

I had to go back to newborn latching basics, making sure she always took the whole nipple with each latch. Despite the big whole at the base of my nipple, once she latched correctly, it didn't hurt.

Congratulations Flowers

imip · 07/02/2016 11:06

Hole, not whole!

Doublebubblebubble · 07/02/2016 11:09

Yup keep feeding that side!! Milk and air as much as possible and keep using the lasinoh.

ampersandand · 07/02/2016 11:12

Thanks everyone, I'd only just stopped feeding my other ds in November so I think it's just me not correcting his latch properly as I've been used to an efficient feeder. Will check out YouTube deep latch videos, thanks for that.

I've just put on the lansinoh and will try to air as much as possible.

Reassuring to hear that nobody is rushing me off to get it fixed and it sounds like it will heal on its own. Fingers crossed.

OP posts:
Wardrobespierre · 07/02/2016 11:16

I had that SO many times with one of mine who was a lazy latcher. It cracks and splits and oh my, it fookin stings at the beginning of each feed. It will heal so quickly if you correct the latch and put on lansinoh every single time you finish a feed.

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