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Electric bottle warmers

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ANiceSliceOfCake · 21/01/2016 17:05

I'm currently breastfeeding but want to go to formula soon (that's another thread)

So I'm just seeing what I need. Silly question but what do you use an electric bottle warmer for? I thought you always had to make up formula fresh, Or can you make them in advance? If not why would you use a bottle warmer?


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OP posts:
Focusfocus · 21/01/2016 19:19

We got one for a few quid off eBay. Utter waste of space. We stick bottles of breastmilk (or whatever u wish) in a small bowl of he hottest of our hot tap water and in a few mins it's just fine to have. Some babies even have stuff from fridge but I won't and it's no trouble really to sit it on a bowl I foot Tap water - especially as he never eats at night

NickyEds · 21/01/2016 21:00

With ds I used the pre- made cartons so bought one to heat them during the night. Used it maybe 3 times before I just walked downstairs and shoved it in the microwave. After a short while he just took it at room temperature. He was mix fed and with ebm I just did what Focus did and put it in hot water (I had to go downstairs to the fridge for that anyway).

Yes you're supposed to make all bottles up fresh as per NHS guideline but I think that the WHO says it's ok to make up a bottle and cool it very quickly and put it straight in the back of the fridge (not the door)for during the night. That's certainly what I'd do now, make one up, cool it, put it in the fridge then re heat it in the microwave (give it a good shake afterwards).

Gunting · 21/01/2016 21:03

If you're making formula up for each feed then a perfect prep machine might be useful. I got one when I moved from BF to FF and it saves a lot of time.

I wouldn't buy one at the full price but I think they are £60 in Asda baby event right now.

ANiceSliceOfCake · 21/01/2016 22:44

Thank you. If I ever manage to get him to take a bottle I think I'll have to get a perfect prep. They look so much easier!

OP posts:
Gunting · 21/01/2016 23:09

Yeah it's fab! I tried microwaving stored bottles and also cooling bottles made with boiling water but both methods I was worried about the milk being too hot.

The prep machine makes a bottle at body temp in 2 minutes it's amazing. We even take it upstairs to bed with us. Grin

unimaginativename13 · 22/01/2016 21:20

The only 3 ways to do it are

  1. Boil a kettle, leave 30mins, make feed, then stand in cool water if needed. ( I do this when away and I know DS feed about every 3 hours so can plan it and leave it in the water until I need it)

2. PP machine - absolute lifesaver and best thing I've bought.

3. Ready made milk. Comes in 7oz bottles. My DS will drink at room temp. We did buy the litre bottles store in the fridge, then use a bottle warmer but I don't think it ever warmed it up much from the fridge.

I use the ready made when out and about as DS drinks a 7oz. Or I make up a bottle from the PP if I know I'll use it in 2 hours.
ANiceSliceOfCake · 22/01/2016 22:43

Thank you. I've ordered a PP machine. If I ever get my baby to take a bottle I can start using it (that's my other thread!)

OP posts:
Gunting · 22/01/2016 22:46

Which bottles have you tried him with? I hope you get on with the PP machine!

MockTheWeek · 22/01/2016 22:58

I was bought one and thought it was a complete waste of money. It was quicker to boil the kettle and warm the milk that way although my DD was quite happy with it room temperature anyway. The Perfect Prep Machine, though, was an absolute godsend!

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