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How many breastfeeds 8 month old?

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ScarletBegonia1234 · 07/01/2016 15:27

Hi, I have just started back at work 3 days per week after maternity leave. Weaning has been going very well and ds (8 months) was on 3 good meals a day plus breastfed on demand. He was still breastfeeding quite a lot so sometimes wouldn't eat much solids but generally has a good appetite. He sleeps from 7 til 6 waking for feeds at 11 and 4ish and generally seems to still need the night feed (though I might be being softSmile)

This week he has refused the milk I have left for him while I'm at work though he has taken a bit of water. He has dramatically increased his solid intake which is good but I'm worried he isn't going to be getting enough milk/fluids while I'm at work.

I'm bf at 6am, 5.45pm when I get in from work then at 7pm 1am and 4am. Does this sound like enough? He is getting some milk hidden in porridge /custard etc if he refuses the bottle in the morning. ....

Aby advice much appreciated!

OP posts:
ScarletBegonia1234 · 07/01/2016 15:50

Sorry also I know all babies are different it's more that we have only just recently broken his feed to sleep association...I don't want to undo all our hard work if he wakes more frequently by feeding him unnecessarily but don't want him to go without if he's actually hungry!

OP posts:
CityDweller · 07/01/2016 17:02

Seriously, I wouldn't worry about it. DD took far less expressed milk than I expected when she started going to the childminder at this age. She too upped her solid intake and just had a monster feed at bedtime and another first thing in the morning. And then I'd do some additional daytime feeds on the days we were together. At this age, it just regulates itself and as he's still doing plenty of bf when you are together he's sure to be getting everything he needs.

HeadDreamer · 07/01/2016 17:04

Seriously don't worry about it. I went back FT when DD1 was 7mo, and DD2 was 12mo. They both dropped feeds quickily and increased solids. DD1 was given a carton of formula day and barely drank any until she refused them all at 10mo.

As long as he's gaining weight and looks happy, he's doing fine.

CityDweller · 07/01/2016 17:06

And re. the night feeds, if you can bear it, I'd go with it - i.e. feed him when he wakes in the night if he seems to want it. Babies can often 'reverse cycle' when you go back to work - partly to make up on feeds missed during the day but also for the comfort side of it. Some useful info on the Kellymom website:

I'd wait to work on night weaning/ breaking the feed-to-sleep-in-the-night association once you're more settled back at work, etc.

HeadDreamer · 07/01/2016 17:07

And the night feeds, DD2 just dropped all of hers at 15mo. She can self settle, thanks to using no cry sleep solution this time round! (Can't recommend enough). She just went longer and longer without waking until it's 5 in the morning.

HeadDreamer · 07/01/2016 17:09

Also in the evening, sometimes the easiest solution works better. Try the self settle in cot during the days you aren't at work first. It's easier when you aren't desparately wanting to sleep because of the next day's work.

But the no cry sleep solution is about putting them down when they are half asleep, but not entirely.

ScarletBegonia1234 · 07/01/2016 22:51

Thanks so much for your replies! I'm more then happy to keep up a couple of night feeds so that's fine. He already self settles I was just worried he was hungry as he woke repeatedly last night and ended up in bed with me which he hasn't done in a few weeks. I was worried it was hunger however we are currently sat on the children's ward after a trip to a &e....looks like he has a virus/fever which explains the bad night Sad what a great first week back at work! !!

OP posts:
HeadDreamer · 08/01/2016 09:04

Illness is another common one when they start nursery. It'll get better once they build up their immunity.

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