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StetcoDaneva · 28/12/2015 10:06

I have a lil boy .he's 3 weeks ,I'm using cow&gate first infant milk for over 1 week and I notice that he start to have some bad winds and constipation ,IT could be a lactose intolerance ?i am using coilf but I found him a lil bit hard to use during the nightHmmdo I need to switch for cow and gate concord or Aptamil

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StetcoDaneva · 28/12/2015 10:07

Cow and gate comfort *

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Sleepybunny · 28/12/2015 19:42

What do you mean by constipation and wind?
Infrequent and hard poos? Or just straining a lot before pooing?

Only asking as my DD seems to strain a lot before pooing and cries with wind. Poos can be explosive as well! I think that is all normal.

You could try switching milk, but you might drive yourself mad trying to solve a problem that can only be fixed with time.

StetcoDaneva · 29/12/2015 07:44

So this is totally normal?Hmm

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StetcoDaneva · 29/12/2015 07:45

How old is ur baby

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Sleepybunny · 31/12/2015 10:01

My baby is 4 weeks. So long as poos are frequent and nappies are often heavy and wet then I think it probably is quite normal!

Is he very upset when feeding? Is he feeding well?

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