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Stupid question but how do you choose which bottles to get?

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Trickytricky · 17/12/2015 19:52

Just that basically! My DD is currently EBF but I'm trying to express so I can go out/away and leave her with my mum. I'd like something as close to BF as poss. How do I decide which bottles to use?

OP posts:
mrsnec · 17/12/2015 20:04

How will you be sterilising I think that's an important factor too.

Also some babies who are fine with bf aren't fussy about any bottles you may find it doesn't matter.

I was given the nuk ones in hospital because they were recommended but switched to Dr Brown's because they were better for the anti colic thing.

PebbleTTC · 17/12/2015 20:07

My little fella is also breastfed and refused to take tommee tippee at the start and would only take avent but now at 5 months be started refusing bottle so tired the tommee tippee the other day and he took that so I think it's trial and error!

poocatcherchampion · 17/12/2015 20:10

Buy the cheapest ones in your closest shop..

PeaceLoveAndMincePies · 17/12/2015 20:13

I expressed from 3 weeks and fell for the "closer to nature" rubbish and bought TT. Luckily he took to them straight away so didn't have to trial and error any others. FYI though, if you end up buying a multipack, get them on Amazon as they're a fraction of the price.

BahHumbugs · 17/12/2015 20:19

I expressed & used MAM anti colic, tried others but she refused them,

MAM bottles can be sterilised individually n the microwave, its about 15mls of water in the bottom, but it says on the leaflets.

I used a cold water steriliser & tablets the whole time for other bits.

Artandco · 17/12/2015 20:23

I bought nuk glass ones. A) they are one of few with glass which cleans better imo b) have latex teats supposedly better for breastfed babies c) good price (£5 approx for small bottle). Only bought 2. Meant Dh could feed baby on occasions I couldn't and used for water in summer.

Artandco · 17/12/2015 20:24

Oh and glass can be sterilised in a pan of hot water easily as won't melt so better for us as we only used them occasionally so didn't need extra sterilising stuff

BumWad · 17/12/2015 22:31

I used Mam for combined feeding they are great and can be sterilised in the microwave

unimaginativename13 · 17/12/2015 22:41

Used the TT ones as I liked the blue ones and they were £10 on Amazon! Win win.

Although replacing the teats have cost £15.

PebbleTTC · 18/12/2015 00:13

Oh just remembered I bought an tommee tippee steriliser and got bottles free, bought in Argos about 2 months ago might be worth checking out

Rinceoir · 18/12/2015 00:17

I bought ALL the bottles. As DD refused them all I don't think any of them are close to breastfeeding! The only ones she entertained were the nuk latex ones (wouldn't drink from them but would bite them).

AnotherStitchInTime · 18/12/2015 00:22

All of mine have been bottle refusers. Nuk latex teats was a success for ds, dd1 and dd2 never did take a bottle.

Shemozzle · 18/12/2015 00:30

I second the NUK glass ones with latex teats. Breastfed babies tend to take to latex more often than silicone as its softer. The best thing about glass is you can warm them and cool them so much more quickly than the plastic ones. I'm sure all the plastic bottles are safe, but when my eldest was small they said BPA was fine and now it's banned from everything so you never can tell. A plastic one for traveling if you need it out the house is wise though, but for just expressed bottles I really recommend them. More eco friendly too.

Shemozzle · 18/12/2015 00:33

It's really down to the individual baby though. The first bottle dd2 would take (after spending a fortune on the odd looking, Medela ones) was a 50p boots one. So if it's just for occasional use, why not try something like that first?

SpendSpendSpend · 18/12/2015 00:43

With regards to the glass ones surely they smash when a infant throws it on the floor?

NewBallsPlease00 · 18/12/2015 00:46

The earlier you try them the more likely they are to take it
Try the cheapest most easily available
Fwiw we've used tt and tt anti colic plus
Most initial refiners are rescuing the teat not bottle- if your dc takes a dummy look at the bottle version as often similar ie mam/ tt etc

mrsnec · 18/12/2015 05:48

I liked the glass ones because I found them less hassle to clean but I don't have any left now because dd smashed them but she didn't start throwing bottles on the floor until she was about 1 and we do have tiled floors everywhere.

Dd didn't take a dummy and was fine with bf but would take any bottle. I had to top up feed from day 1 though so it's a good point that she could have got used to it early.

Artandco · 18/12/2015 07:13

Spend - we only used bottles when they were small or under smashing age. We held the bottle and fed them. By the time they could use a cup (7/8 months) they didn't use bottles. Mind you they moved onto regular glass cups which were fine also, always used at table and didn't throw stuff off

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