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Am I ok to use a second hand Medela Swing, or should I buy new?

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GoApeShit · 01/12/2015 19:40

My friend has kindly offered me her second hand Medela Swing. Some reading suggests it might not be safe to use some pumps second hand, especially ones that apparently have 'open' systems Hmm

Predictably, the internet seems divided on this - I can find things which say it's fine, just change some parts fuck knows which ones but others say avoid due to the possibility of mould.

Any advice much appreciated. Cake

OP posts:
Nan0second · 01/12/2015 19:47

I bought mine second hand off a Facebook selling group for £10. I put all the parts in a microwave steamer (except the motor bit!)
To be honest I didn't use it until she was bigger (probably 3 months old) but it worked fine, the milk is fine and she drank it fine! She has never been ill.

When I found I was using it, I treated myself to a new breast piece, tubing and membrane off eBay for about £15 and it has worked more efficiently since then.

I appreciate what they say about an open system so wouldn't have used it for a premature baby or one with an abnormal immune system...
Now my baby is 6months, I just wash the parts with hot soapy water as she sticks everything in her mouth anyway.

GoApeShit · 02/12/2015 14:00

Thanks. I'm starting to think it sounds like quite a faff to borrow a second hand one and might just cough up £99 in John Lewis!

OP posts:
LittleMiss77 · 02/12/2015 16:11

Go if you dont want to borrow one, but are ok with a second hand one you can buy mine.

I used it twice and its been sat in its box for the last 4 months

GoApeShit · 02/12/2015 19:27

Thanks littlemiss, but my question is around second hand pumps whether bought or borrowed. I could borrow my friend's one for free Grin

OP posts:
elephantfeet · 02/12/2015 19:36

Hi littlemiss, do you want to sell your pump? I would be interested in buying it from you.

villainousbroodmare · 02/12/2015 19:41

I saw something on here the other day where someone tore a Medela Swing apart and found black mould in it.

cookiefiend · 02/12/2015 19:42

If you have a while they often go on deal of the day in Amazon for a little less- you can set up an alert on camel camel camel for any random price drops it has. It would be fine second hand I am sure though- especially as it comes from someone you know. You can buy replacement valves and tubing if it makes you feel better, but it all goes in the steriliser.

JarethTheGoblinKing · 02/12/2015 19:47

Borrow it and see how you get on, you might not like it, or you might love it and then want to hire a proper hospital grade one

LittleMiss77 · 02/12/2015 19:53

I am elephant

Have dropped you a PM

Lemonfizzypop · 13/12/2015 11:14

Hi I've borrowed a Medela swing from my friend- is it okay to use? I've ordered new tubing however I can't work out how to remove the current you just yank really hard?!

BumWad · 13/12/2015 14:20

It'll be fine! Just sterilise x

Lemonfizzypop · 13/12/2015 15:08

Ok thanks! Now I need to work out how to yank the bloody tube off!

PersisFord · 13/12/2015 19:21

Laura is that you?!??

ALongTimeComing · 13/12/2015 19:23

Have you got a local breastfeeding support team? They may have pumps they can lend out free of charge and it will be closed systems.

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