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Engorged on one side, help!

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SnozzberryMincePie · 23/11/2015 12:02

Ds is five days old and generally feeding well.

My milk came in on Saturday and from the start I had more milk in the right side. I kept starting feeds on that side but I have made the problem worse as now I am really lopsided, the right boob is engorged and sore and lumpy, especially in one patch at the side which I am worried could be a blocked duct. To make things worse, ds is now having trouble latching on that side and prefers the left.

What do I do now? Dp has been dispactched to the shop for a cabbage, is it best to try to feed and/or express from my right boob or will I just get more and more engorged if I do that as it will increase the supply on that side even more?


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CheersBigEars1 · 23/11/2015 14:31

No solutions here but wanted to bump you post. I've got this issue and it is hard to know what to do. I've tried block feeding but when I leave it too long DS just won't feed from the engorged side. I'm also very wary of expressing and stimulating supply. We are 14 weeks in and it's much better now but still happens from time to time. Hopefully your supply will calm down in the next few days. Oh and congratulations!

SnozzberryMincePie · 23/11/2015 15:16

Thank you cheers!

I've realised that my bra is slightly too small when my boob is really full, which isn't helping. Unfortunately I have no way of getting a new one in the next couple of days so am going braless except when we have visitors.

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