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No breakfast?

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SparklyTinselTits · 04/11/2015 07:24

Recently, my 6mo DD has absolutely no interest in breakfast of any description. Milk or solids. Usually, she has a 6oz bottle before bed at 7:15pm, then another 4oz bottle at 3/4am. It's then a fight to get her to take more than 2/3oz between 7 and 8am.
Last night, she shocked me! She went to bed usually time, stirred around 2am because she had lost her dummy, but then slept until 7am with no night feed!! surely she should be starving?? I've just attempted a bottle, and again she is refusing more than 3oz! I'm taking her to get weighed tomorrow to make sure her refusal of milk is t affecting her weight gain. She's not great with other daytime bottles either. Usually 4oz maximum. I've tried extending the gap between feeds in the hope that she will be hungrier, but it seems to make no difference. She's not in pain or ill...she's her normal, happy self! So I can't fathom why she has this aversion to milk all of a sudden?!

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circlelake · 04/11/2015 14:50

She still had 3 Oz though, not nothing? So I guess that's all she wanted?

SparklyTinselTits · 04/11/2015 15:45

Yeah at least she had something...but that seems very very little for a 6mo? Especially since last night she slept 12 hours without a feed?
She had a full 6oz bottle at 11, lunch (carrot sticks, cheese, cucumber and a fruit pot) at 12:30, and another 6oz bottle at 3. Maybe she's just not a breakfast person? Just worried me a bit that she had gone 12 hours without anything then only wanted a very small amount Confused

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