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Scattymum101 · 03/11/2015 17:59

My dd is formula fed and 9 months this week.
She's not a great feeder due to silent reflux when she was younger and she still isn't keen on milk.

We started properly weaning at 7 months as she wasn't interested before this. She still doesn't take a lot of solids but she's getting better.

Before we started weaning she would take a bottle at 8am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm and then one night feed around 3am.

Since we started weaning she wants less milk during the day so has bottles at
9am, 2pm and 7pm. She then was waking at 1am starving and downing 8oz and then again at 5am and was very restless in between times.
We introduced a dream feed at 11pm and now she will go to 4am again without a feed but she's taking 7oz each feed so she's obviously hungry.

I've tried to get her to take more during the day but she point blank refused any milk unless it's been at least five hours between feeds during the day.

She's still in our room with us as we have a two bed flat just now and don't want her disturbing our three year old by putting them in together.

She's still very restless between times due to her learning to crawl and cruise for the past few weeks which I know will pass but I'm exhausted. She's not keen on co sleeping as she likes her own space.

I'm going back to work after Christmas and would really ideally like her weaned off the 4am feed before then as I'm going to struggle with working and the lack of sleep.

This is uncharted territory for me as dd1 stopped taking a night feed at 3 months.

Anyone any ideas how to gently wean her off?

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