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Desperate to stop breastfeeding. Any tips?

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Serendipity17 · 31/10/2015 15:15

Hi DD is 18 months and I am pregnant with DC2. Ever since I got pregnant I have hated breastfeeding. It feels very unpleasant. DD still.feeds a fair bit. I am clueless how to stop. I tried distracting but as soon as she sees me sitting down she wants to feed and gets very distressed if I refuse. I tried the dont offer don't refuse thing but tbh she doesn't need offering she demands it a lot and this has gone the last few days

Any help would be appreciated

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Voiceoffstage · 31/10/2015 18:26

I wonder if part of the problem is good old fashioned concern that every first-born has to cope with? DD probably worries about not being your baby anymore, the new baby taking over & you not loving her anymore.

When I was expecting my 2nd & having problems with my 1st my Grandmother asked me to consider how I would feel if my husband came home & told me that he was going to have another wife but he promised that he would love me just the same and that I would love the new wife....Envy Angry

Not a lot of difference from the child's point of view!

I breast fed my 1st son for 22 months, the 2nd for 18. By 18 months they were both pretty-much only having a bed-time feed.

You don't say how many feeds your DD's having, but assuming that you are down to one or two a day...

I would suggest that you both go out to get a special (non-breakable) cup for DD's bedtime drinks. Or she may like to use a baby's bottle and continue being your baby while she gives up the breast - you can wean her off that later. I would suggest that she drinks warm milk cuddled up on the bed with you (wearing a button-up top so she can't wriggle in & latch on - I've been there!) whilst she has her bed time story. She can then clean her teeth, back to bed for cuddles, a chat about the story & a little breast-feed.

Maybe also lay-off too much talk about baby for a while?

Good luck XX

Serendipity17 · 31/10/2015 20:34

She is pretty much non verbal currently and only 18 months so I don't think she will b picking up on baby stuff?

She feeds 2-3 times in the day and once at night to sleep. I was hoping she would self wean but no such luck. She is actually feeding more now. She gets very upset if I try to use a cup or bottle.

OP posts:
Skiptonlass · 01/11/2015 11:54

This is actually "a thing" ... It's called nursing aversion :)

I think the theory is that it's a mechanism that evolved to make you wean no. One in time for no. Two.

I have no advice on how to resolve it but just wanted to say it's normal!

Serendipity17 · 01/11/2015 12:25

That makes sense skiotonless. It feels like something is crawling under my skin every time she sucks.

OP posts:
Voiceoffstage · 02/11/2015 17:31

Perhaps your midwife could help? Good luck. XX

ohlittlepea · 03/11/2015 15:13

Breastfeeding network have a brilliant free helpline they can help with aversion and weaning tips :) xxx on an encouraging note, I've just weaned my 20 month old daughter and honestly a month a go.I would have said it was going to be impossible e was such a Bobbie monster, but it's gone ok :) hope things get easier soon aversion is really hard!!

Serendipity17 · 04/11/2015 22:30

Thanks Oh little pea will give them a cal

OP posts:
Beebar · 04/11/2015 22:46

Leave your dd with her dad and go away for a night or two. Worked for me.

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