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NOVEMBER BOOK OF THE MONTH DISCUSSION THREAD - Tonight's discussion thread for The Gathering

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TillyBookClub · 29/11/2007 11:39

Hi all, this is the thread to use for tonight's bookclub session on The Gathering by Anne Enright - see you at 8pm, can't wait to hear what everyone thinks...

OP posts:
Notyummy · 30/11/2007 16:25

Interesting discussion, and I am glad it was not only me who found this one quite hard going! I will be eagerly awaiting the results of the vote to get the next one (although I think the one I wanted is!)

DarrellRivers · 09/12/2007 14:53

I'm just adding my thoughts a little later than expected.
Still finishing the book but popped onto the thread to see what others thought.
I read her book about having babies 'Making Babies' I think it was called , and I found 'The Gathering' similar.
Interesting, diverting for several seconds and then gone from my mind.
I agree with the fact that she managed to narrate the story in the way that Anne's thoughts would have been , rambling, incoherent, etc but I felt nothing really for any of the characters and found it difficult to engage with the book.
It was like emotional vomit.
And always when you read a book about family life, and you are waiting for some revelation, the fact that it is sexual abuse is a little overdone. Tired and it feels like it is there for effect rather than adding to the emotional tapestry.
Broken characters don't always need some seminal moment to hang the events of their lives on.
I will persevere to finish it , but will be returning to some classic fiction after this. I am amazed this won the booker prize.

MrsSpoon · 27/12/2007 23:19

Always meant to come back to this (been having a bit of a MN break ). I did finish The Gathering but it took me a very long time as I kept finding excuses not to read it. TBH I was pleased when it finished.

I have since read On Chesil Beach and IMO it was a fantastic read!

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