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WinColl to Eton for 6th form

7 replies

Floreathlon · 22/04/2023 22:42

Has anyone done it before? The schools are similar enough to make for an easy transfer.

OP posts:

parietal · 22/04/2023 23:01

Why would you want to transfer? It is normally easier to stay in the same place for 6th form - familiar teachers, no need to make new friends etc.


Floreathlon · 22/04/2023 23:05

That is still way ahead of us (holding offers at both) I was just thinking as Wincoll almost seems better for the lower years, with shared dorm own dining and more of a back in the hand, whereas Eton may be better for sixth form for older teens with its single rooms, larger school and closer to London!

OP posts:

CapaciousHag · 22/04/2023 23:40

Well, I don’t know that it’s impossible, but from what I do know - I’d hope Eton would, in general, prioritise direct entry to the sixth form for pupils who have not had the advantage of a Winchester education.


parietal · 22/04/2023 23:44

Moving school at 6th form is hard when 90% of kids aren't moving. Pick one school and stick with it.


CapaciousHag · 23/04/2023 08:11

The public schools I know generally encourage an influx of new blood at sixth form entry. Some single sex schools are co-ed for the final two years. Others may just want to ensure they keep up their A’ Level grades. So it’s hardly unusual.


Ziegfeld · 23/04/2023 10:47

You are mad, OP. Pick one and stick with it. Ideally sooner rather than later, as it is rather selfish to sit on more than one offer to a top school.


Americanmomof3 · 23/04/2023 13:10

@Floreathlon we are in the same situation, I think Eton may offer more for DS though. Also Eton is very competitive at 6th , it may be easier to get into Winchester at 6th form. I do know boys who left Winchester after gcse for St Paul’s and Westminster but they did live in London .

We are holding onto both offers for now , along with a day option. Boys change so much at this age and we have time to decide.

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