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St Mary’s Calne - Honest feedback from parents at St Marys Calne

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ParentAngel01 · 16/02/2023 07:27

Can anyone give me an insight to St Marys Calne? How diverse is the school? Do they have mostly local children or is there a good mix from London/ other parts of the country. How attractive/popular do international families find the school? Will children have a full boarding experience similar to going to a bigger boarding school?

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DilettanteMum · 16/02/2023 20:04

We have a friend there now and she is quite happy. She is English but came back from Kenya for school. It's pretty diverse, although perhaps not as quite as international as somewhere like CLC. There are students from all over the world - although of course the normal China/HK/Nigeria cohort are well represented.

Definitely a bit more of the "well bred English country girls" but certainly not to the exclusion of anyone else. It's still in the top academics for girls boarding. Lots of horse folk, naturally.

We strongly considered it and would have sent me London prep school daughter there if she hadn't got her first choice.

My concerns about eye more around it being quite a small cohort, and the campus being a bit constrained (and Calne being a bit shit) rather than the diversity.

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