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Samuel Diatta injustice/suspicion

Tillsforthrills · 30/07/2022 08:35

After having been painted in the media as a robber in a Mappin and Web jewellery store in York this 26th of July a black man of Senegalese descent has died.

It turns out that this man had mental health issues and entered the store where an altercation followed with a security guard.

I find it awfully suspicious that:
-the media has kept this quiet
-he was presented as a robber
-FOUR MEN have been arrested and released on bail

He was found unconscious but I just don’t understand how four men could not restrain one man without killing him. Just why?

This has echoes of George Floyd but none of the media awareness.

I feel angry that this has been swept quietly under the carpet and also that he was wrongly painted as a robber initially.

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