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"Clever Monkey" Sticker gate - update

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Lndnmummy · 24/07/2022 14:24

Longtime posters will remember that we moved schools last year after years of issues. Issues that I was too late to recognise. It culminated with my 8 year old being given a "clever monkey" sticker by a teacher. He was 8. The thread I posted on at the time had to be taken down due to the abuse I received and I just didn't feel safe.
Anyway, many of you have reached out since and asked how my son is getting on (thank you). He has just completed his first year in his new school and he is thriving. Just thriving. It has been life changing for him. He sleeps through the night, plays football, athletics, basketball, has playdates. He has received the best school report he has ever had. He has also been taken off the SEN register as he is now fully keeping up with his peers. Once his anxiety was properly addressed, he was fine. It's bittersweet as we keep realising how much he has suffered but he is now safe and sound. Thank you, glorious BMN family for your support. I'll never ever forget it.

OP posts:
TrianglePlayer · 24/07/2022 14:42

This is so wonderful to read and well done for fighting to get your son the education and respect he and all children deserve.

RandomMess · 24/07/2022 14:56

So glad he is much happier and achieving.

I very vaguely remember your original thread. Horrified you got abuse for raising an issue of him getting that sticker Angry

RedWingBoots · 25/07/2022 08:31

Good to hear.

It's amazing what a decent school does.

LadyKenya · 25/07/2022 09:34

Lovely news to read lndnmummy. Really good to hear your son is well, and getting on at school. I note in your post that you say he is now keeping up with his peers, and been taken off the Sen register, now his anxiety has been addressed. That is very good for him. Obviously it will not be the case for lots of children, but it goes to show that black and brown children on the whole are facing challenges in the education system that parents need to be aware of, because sometimes these children will suffer in silence, unfortunately. Thank you for updating us.

theclangersarecoming · 25/07/2022 09:38

Really glad to hear this! I remember your original thread and it was absolutely shocking that your son had to go through that. I’m so pleased he’s found a fantastic supportive environment at his new school! Kudos to him for doing so well; and I hope he carries on from strength to strength.

Maggiethecat · 25/07/2022 09:49

Good to hear that your son is thriving now.

Don’t dwell too much on what might have been or what you didn’t do. You did what he needed and now he’s happier.

Octomore · 25/07/2022 09:59

This is really good to hear.

FridayiminlovewithRobertSmith · 26/07/2022 15:51


TimeAfterTime1 · 27/07/2022 17:13

What awesome news!!! WTG both your son and you. Fantastic results and inspiring. 🙏🏾

Orchidflower1 · 28/07/2022 17:53

Oh @Lndnmummy that’s so wonderful to hear. I’m so happy for you and your family. Xxx

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