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Anyone used Midwife Led Care (MLD) at Portland?

4 replies

mummyniknik · 27/08/2009 13:17

Hi all,

I am due April 2010 so still pretty early days for me but after a bad exeperience on the NHS last time, I have made an appointment to sign up for the MLD at the Portland.

Anyone have any experience of this? Feedback? What happened in the case of complications?

Thanks in advance, Nikki.

OP posts:

ksmshoelover · 07/09/2009 22:37

HI mummyniknik,
I'm actually due to have my baby at the portland tomorrow (elective C-section due to medical reasons) but for 38 weeks was on the MLD there and I can't rate it highly enough. The care is so thorough, you really are made to feel you can call/show-up anytime you need, and the midwives made me feel so comfortable, all in all they just help to make pregnancy a lovely experience. Probably worth saying that when I was first pregnant I was choosing between consultant led care and MLD, and after being under a consultant for the last two weeks, I'm even happier I was MLD for the majority of my pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, my consultant is excellent, but it's not the same as being under the midwives. Oh and as for your question of complications- in my instance they advised me to transfer to consultant led care as was necessary for an elective C-section. They;re so lovely that even though I'm not under their care anymore they have promised that one of them will be there with me in Theatre, even though they are under no obligation to do so. Good luck, I'm sure whatever decision you make will be the right one.


mummyniknik · 08/09/2009 14:04

Hi ksmshoelover

Oh thanks for the reply! You will be in there now having your CS so I hope congratulations are in order! I got other feedback along the same lines so I went for my consultation last week and signed up with them. I agree, the head midwife was just lovely and there is a team of 5 of them who I hear are just as lovely. The new fetal wellbeing centre is really lovely.

Thanks for the feedback, I am happier about my decision now.


OP posts:

ksmshoelover · 16/10/2009 09:53

Hi Mummyniknik, This reply will be very late now but on the off-chanace you look back on here I wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic experience with my CS at The Portland last month- now the proud mother of a healthy baby boy! I was so nervous and everyone there was so kind and made me feel completely at ease- the surgery went smoothly and the aftercare and recovery were second to none- my only concern now is how can I afford it for my next baby (whenever that is, not now!) as after such a great experience I'm reluctant/scared to go NHS!
Going back for my 6 week check next week and so fond of the midwives I'm going in early just to say hi and have a chat!
Hope your pregnancy goes well and that you have as lovely a time at The Portland as I did.x


cevl · 20/10/2022 16:49

Hello, I'm not sure you will read this but I was wondering how your Midwife led delivery went at The Portland. I'm pregnant for the first time and hoping to have a fully natural birth with the Midwife led delivery at The Portland but I would love to speak with someone who has given birth with the midwife package there. Please let me know and thank you!

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