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Need a few answers if poss!!!

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fashill · 04/01/2005 16:02

Happy New Year to you all!!!

I'm due 27th May (1st timer!) and starting to get excited and scared about being a mummy this year, 20 weeks on Fri and don't know where the time has gone. Feeling like I'm really unprepared and panicking!!

Have a few questions that I hope you can help me with...

Where can I find a shopping list of what to buy for the baby? My mind is blank and DP & I want to start buying things.

Where can I find out info on pregnancy excersises to do at home, book/dvd etc?!? Just bought a birth ball and could do with some ideas of what to do with that as well as any others!

Any ideas of excercise classes in the west London/Hillingdon area?!?

And any ideas of where I can get a cushion for my seat to alleviating my coccyx as I'm getting some pain with a re-occuring problem?!? Been referred for physio but not sure how long that's going to take!!

I seem to have question upon question that I don't know the answers to!!! Without this site and other mums advice I'd feel very lost. Got my scan on 12th and will hopefully find out the sex and once I start having my regular appts with the midwife I guess I'll feel a little better.

I really appreciate your help in advance!!!! Thanks

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TheDragon · 04/01/2005 16:15

There are loads of threads with advice about what to buy for a first baby if you have the time and inclination to search them out. I'll try and find a few in a mo.

Sympathies about your coccyx - I hurt mine sitting on a bedframe by accident (missed the mattress). The good news is that, for me, giving birth sorted it out completely! Can your physio help you find a cushion? I imagine you need one with a notch at the back so you're not sitting on your coccyx.

Not sure abut pregnancy excercises - you could try contacting your local \link(\NCT} and see if they have any details of local classes.

TheDragon · 04/01/2005 16:16



TheDragon · 04/01/2005 16:17

Previous "what shall I buy"thread

beachyhead · 04/01/2005 16:17

and get yourself on the 'due in may' thread and some of the not first time mums will help you out....

TheDragon · 04/01/2005 16:20


A what not to buy one

scubamum · 04/01/2005 16:21

John Lewis do a leaflet with essential and 'nice to have' items. There is also a list a few pages from the back in the mothercare catalogue. Also look in the bounty book.

In my area we had physio classes to help with posture and excercise during pregnancy - mains ones being the pelvic floor and not to do sit ups - ie to get out of bed by rolling on to your side and swing legs round to the floor using arms to lift body up. Ask you MW if there is anything similar in your area

lilsmum · 04/01/2005 16:35

i think the mothercare catalogue has a list, or it could be the babies r us catalogue?!?

fashill · 04/01/2005 16:46

Thank you all so much for your recomendations I really do appreciate it!! I've had to actually do some work (bore) so when I get a mo I will check everything out.

Just been trying to sort out Bupa for my coccyx and as long as it's not been aggrivated by pregnancy they'll cover it. But how will I know until I go and at that point I'll end up with the bill!!

Scubamum - is the bounty book what I got at my 16 week check?!?

Been feeling the baby a lot today doesn't like being back at work, like mummy!!

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