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Due November 2023/early December 2023

17 replies

Countingchicks · 22/03/2023 19:50

Thread for those due in November/early December this year. Currently only 9dpo with faint line but living in hope this sticks

OP posts:

Beth290fox · 23/03/2023 08:14

Currently 13dpo. Lines are getting darker :). It's my first so I'm excited/ scared and can't stop thinking about being pregnant! I just hope everything goes ok.. fingers crossed for you @Countingchicks Is this your first? X


Countingchicks · 23/03/2023 08:25

@Beth290fox this will be our second. Currently have a twelve month old. My age is partly why we decided to try again as soon as my period came back

OP posts:

Argeebargee88 · 24/03/2023 10:21

According to calculator I'm due 3rd December. I must've ovulated super early this month as I got my first BFP on Monday!🤔
However, lines are getting darker each day, so I'm praying everything goes ok this time 🤞🏽


Pressthespacebar · 24/03/2023 12:16

Hi, I’m due 27th November or thereabouts, my periods were all on my calendar on my phone and my toddler threw it in the sink 🤦🏻‍♀️ So not sure when my last period was.

this is my 9th baby 😳 thought I would have some peace and quiet soon as youngest starts pre school but nope, here we go again!


autumn94xxxx · 25/03/2023 10:35

Hi all..Just found out yesterday i’m pregnant with my 4th and due date is 3rd december. Pretty worried as this wasn’t planned at all and my children are still young, youngest being 17 months. Literally feel like I dont want to tell anyone this time round including family!🙈


17caterpillars1mouse · 26/03/2023 07:51

Hi everyone.

Just had a positive test this morning, due 4th December.

This will be baby number 3 for us. DC1 will be 7 and DC2 will be nearly 5 so feeling a bit crazy going back to the baby stage


Argeebargee88 · 26/03/2023 07:54

This will be my second child but my oldest will be 13 this year so I honestly can't remember what life is like with a newborn!


Pbubz · 27/03/2023 21:44

Tentatively joining, I got a bfp at 11dpo today but a massive migraine which I never usually get and I've read that they can be a bad sign? I've been googling and on mumsnet and lots of people say it's due to a drop in hormones.

I know I'm super early, AF due Thursday I'm just praying this sticks and looking for a bit s of hand hold really!

Due November 2023/early December 2023

FlyingHighFlyingLow · 27/03/2023 21:51

Hi, I'm due either 26th or 29th Nov depending on which calculator you use, so around 5 weeks. First baby and was told unlikely to happen naturally so everything crossed all goes OK!


Pbubz · 30/03/2023 19:45

@FlyingHighFlyingLow massive congrats! This will be my first too and I'm excited but also now freaking out haha about.. everything, will the baby be okay, should I get an early scan, when do we tell parents (v close to them both), what will it be like when baby is here, will I be a good mum, why don't I have more savings... Haha my head is wild!


HayleyD93 · 01/04/2023 00:05

I'm 24DPO and 11 days late, estimated due date 28th/29th November. Testing everyday due to nerves


Sunny866 · 14/04/2023 08:08

Hello I’m around 9 weeks now so due mid November. This will be my second baby. DD will be 3 in august


Pressthespacebar · 14/04/2023 09:46

How is everyone?

im 8 weeks today (I think) had my scan through and it’s not till 14 weeks and 2 days! I might get a private one before then as last time I went for my scan at 12 weeks and I’d miscarried about 8 weeks, I’d rather know if that’s happened rather than walking around for nearly a month thinking I’m having a baby when I’m not!


Pbubz · 14/04/2023 16:08

@Pressthespacebar I'm only 6 weeks but have booked in for a private scan in a couple of weeks because I don't want to wait that long to make sure everything's okay. So sorry about your loss, that must have been/be so hard. Wishing you all the best!



Pressthespacebar · 22/04/2023 12:10

@Pbubz thankyou I hope yours goes well ❤️


Pressthespacebar · 22/04/2023 12:13

Sorry clicked post too soon!

I had a scan and all was well, but im due about 5 days later than I thought, she said the 12 week scan would be more accurate.

It was nice to see the babies heartbeat and made me feel much better.

has anyone heard of ramzi theory? It’s guessing the sex of the baby based on where the placenta is and you can only do it before a certain time, mine was on the right (my left) so apparently that means a boy! I definitely feel like im having a boy, all my boys have been easy and my girls I’ve been sick all day every day 🤢


Ni10 · 11/05/2023 20:54

This reply has been deleted

This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines.

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