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Anyone due in August 2023?

6 replies

Princess2022 · 05/03/2023 03:55


I would love to hear from you ladies and how you're feeling in your pregnancy and what symptoms your having. It would be really nice to know what others are experiencing.
I'm 15 weeks 3 days atm first pregnancy. I had a loss at 9 weeks. I'm always afraid what if something happens. But then I think to myself I'm so grateful that everything is going well this time round.

I been having dizziness almost daily and sometimes vomiting mostly when I wake up.
My BP is bit low at times and my head is hurting frequently.
These days I'm itching on my whole body doc gave a lotion for it and its getting better.
Another thing every day whenever I wake up either at night or morning I'm bleeding from gums it's really frustrating. I have a dentist app this coming week.
I heard in 2nd trimester you start to feel better but I don't think I am. I'm always tired.
And also i wanted to ask is it safe sleeping on my back at 15 weeks?
i try my best to sleep on my left or right side though but im so use to sleeping on my back.
Sorry for blabbering too much. Just wanted to share how I'm feeling.
Please feel free to message here and share how you are at this stage I would love it.
Thanks 😊

OP posts:

Bigmummaof2 · 05/03/2023 07:08

Hey OP.

Congratulations. I am due early August with my second. I have an almost 1 year old.

I also had a MC before we had our DD, so I know how nerve wracking pregnancy is. Even though this is my second baby (and 3rd pregnancy) I still get nervous.

I will be 18 weeks on Tuesday. I had a rough first trimester but starting to feel human now. Still really tired but think that’s down to running about after LO and feeling huge this time.

Have you spoken to your midwife about your dizzy spells? Have you been taking iron tablets? I’d definitely get that seen too.

You are advised to stop sleeping on your back from around 16 weeks. So I’d recommend doing that now.

Just rest as much as possible, drink plenty & eat little and often if you feel nauseous.


Princess2022 · 05/03/2023 07:30

Hi Bigmummaof2

Thank you for your reply. Congratulations to you too x
I have told midwife. She said same thing to eat smaller meals throughout the day and drink more water.
The dizziness starts usually while I'm making breakfast coz my stamoch is empty that time. I drink lots of water throughout the day.
I'm not taking iron tablets just Pregnacare and vitamin d3.
Thank you for getting back I really appreciate it 🙏
I wish you a safe healthy pregnancy

OP posts:

Bigmummaof2 · 05/03/2023 08:24

Try and keep ginger biscuits next to the bed with water, eat one before you get up with your water and hopefully you should feel ok by the time you make breakfast!

Good luck & hope all goes well for you!



Princess2022 · 05/03/2023 11:51

Yh I'll try that.
Thanks 👍

OP posts:

Jaylo1 · 29/05/2023 19:41

I’m due the end of august and I felt very tired the first trimester but great the second! I’m just at the end of the second now and the tiredness is starting to make a come back again!


Princess2022 · 30/05/2023 10:06

Hi Jaylo1

I'm 27 weeks 4 days now. I don't feel lots of movement. I get worried sometimes. It's very light movement at times. I've been to triage to check on baby and baby is fine but I always have that fear if everything is okay or no.

OP posts:
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