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Prenatal depression

2 replies

missrosex · 06/12/2022 19:28

This is hard for me to write I've not felt this level of sadness since I was much younger, I wake up everyday crying and just wanting to sleep I dragged myself out of bed crying at 3pm today. I just feel this constant sadness and loneliness. I haven't eaten properly in weeks I'm struggling to drink also. I have hyperemisis so I throw up often. I don't see good times coming, if it wasn't for my son I don't think id get through this. I've a past of mental health but not since a teen. I was so happy in my first pregnancy this is all new to me. I need help 😭

OP posts:

SmellyCat1985 · 11/12/2022 08:57

You need to contact your midwife or self refer to your local perinatal mental health team. Sorry you feel this way. It’s more common than you think, especially with hyperemesis, which is beyond horrendous x


PeachyMama · 11/12/2022 09:02

I'm so sorry to hear this. Is there anyone in your life you can talk to about how you're feeling or just for some company? A partner, friend or family member perhaps. I'm sure they would hate to know you feel this way. I know you may not feel like eating or drinking but you should keep trying for your baby xxFlowers

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