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Sure waters have gone but midwife said no?

1 reply

Shannon9912 · 29/11/2022 15:46

Hi so as the title says I think my waters went this morning.. tmi but soaked through pad underwear was running down my legs and puddled on the floor.. I feel different in the sense lots of pressure tightenings but nothing regular yet, I went to my local maternity unit the midwife did a speculum and said it wasnt my waters, stated in my notes that the pad
i was wearing was moist? but not saturated, if she had taken it off me and actually held it, it was soaked. she said towards the end of
pregnancy you can get watery discharge but it was alot more than what she was insinuating.. its my fifth baby so i do have some clue but she made me feel incredibly stupid.

has anyone had similar and it was in fact there waters?

Many Thanks

OP posts:

cleanbreak2022 · 29/11/2022 16:56

Yes, I did have my waters go, whilst in hospital being induced and was still told I had wet myself. 12 hours after I was examined and the induction was failing.

Sounds like your in early stages (but given this post was over an hour ago and your 5th) you may or may not have given birth!

Good luck and congratulations 🥳

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