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August 2023

16 replies

ellie0605 · 20/11/2022 15:39


I found out on Tuesday that I'm pregnancy and due around the 2nd August.

Any other August 23 mamas?

OP posts:

ellie74x · 22/11/2022 22:15

Me!! I’m sue the same date! We were meant to be due on 20th June but had a mc and then luckily hot pregnant straight away! Great name by the way 😂


Jadeelx · 23/11/2022 22:27

I’m due on the 3rd of August as long as AF doesn’t show up tomorrow! I’ve been getting positives for a week 😬


Argeebargee88 · 27/11/2022 10:53

Me too 😊 looking at 4th August as a due date!


sally16 · 05/12/2022 11:42

Me too 🥰 looking at 14th! 💙


Dia12 · 06/12/2022 04:23

I've just missed my period and got a BFP! Due 14th aug.
Very early and very nervous.....I've had my fair share of chemicals so I'm literally driving myself insane with worry. Wishing the week to hurry by!


girlshelpxx · 06/12/2022 09:31

Hii, I got my BFP yesterday too and due aug 14th!!! i'm also very nervous as i'm so early, it's also my first pregnancy ahhh


girlshelpxx · 06/12/2022 12:34

I thought this would be the best place to ask, my symptoms were tender breasts and peeing during the night , i no longer have these symptoms they stopped about 2 days ago :( is this normal or should i worried ? i have no bleeding but do have cramps that go and come , i want to be positive but i do feel worried , any reassurance ? x


sally16 · 06/12/2022 12:38

@girlshelpxx symptoms can change loads :) cramping is sometimes from implantation or just everything getting ready! Unless bleeding try not too worry 💙


TheHill · 11/12/2022 10:00

Also due August 2023 :)
I'm about 5 weeks at the moment.
Feeling super tired. Any tips on getting a good night's sleep?


mrshor · 11/12/2022 20:58


I'm due 11th august Smile bit of a surprise to be honest- we have a 15m old and weren't expecting it to happen so quickly!!

Looking forward to chatting and getting to know everyone xx


mrshor · 11/12/2022 21:00

@TheHill a good pregnancy pillow is a great investment! Xx


TheHill · 16/12/2022 18:37

I have the most awful morning sickness, except it's not just in the mornings it's all day. Don't know how I'm going to function over the next few weeks :(


vonmints · 20/12/2022 11:27

It’s looking like I’ll be due around august 4th! First pregnancy so I’m absolutely terrified 😬 any advice for a first pregnancy?


Megandhi · 20/12/2022 12:20

Hello ladies

congrats on your pregnancies :). I just wanted to let you know about a private fb group for babies due august 2023. It’s very small at the moment and the plan is to keep it relatively small so that we can all get to know each other and chat through our pregnancies. It’s for ladies in the UK and you can find it here if you’re interested in joining:

if the link doesn’t work, just search “babies due in august 2023 - uk” and it’s the one with the description that begins…”-a relaxed and friendly private space to share with other pregnant ladies in the UK that are due in aug…”

it’s a very relaxed group with no strict rules or moderators having to approve posts, everyone has equal say in the direction of the group.

Hope to see some of you over there :)

all the best x


Wootz88 · 30/12/2022 17:49

I am roughly 6 weeks pregnant and I am really struggling to believe it! I’m also highly paranoid about everything!! Worries worries worries!! Is anyone else feeling like this? X


vonmints · 01/01/2023 18:22

I’m exactly the same! 9 weeks along now and I’ve never been such a worrier!

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