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Club March babies 2023

8 replies

Babynumberthreeee · 11/08/2022 20:12

Am I the only one having a march 2023 baby?! Theres a Feb and April group but no March group 🤣🤣

On the basis that I'm not alone come and join me!!!

For me this is unplanned (ooops) but not unwanted baby number 3.

Due 5 days after eldests birthday (double oops!)

Already feeling constantly sick and exhausted (especially with 2 children to run after Already!!)

OP posts:

AK93 · 13/08/2022 11:36

Hello, there is a march 2023 thread! If you search Due March 2023 - thread 2 I think it’s by TeddyBeans created 2nd August. There was a previous one but it got full . I should be due around 20th March (based on LMP) if all is well - first pregnancy for me so extremely anxious hoping everything is ok!

Oh and well done on your timing for getting birthdays close together 😆xx


Babynumberthreeee · 13/08/2022 12:47

Thank you!! Was starting to think I was going to be alone in the maternity ward 😅

OP posts:

AK93 · 13/08/2022 15:04

Would be very quiet 😆


SunnieP · 20/08/2022 05:48

Hi 😊 is this club still going or do I need to join another due March 2023 thread? I’m a total newbie to mumsnet 😊thanks x


AK93 · 20/08/2022 08:27

Hello if you look for the thread I named in my first response you should find the main thread that’s still active at the moment :) xx


SunnieP · 20/08/2022 09:28

Aaww brill thanks I’ll join that 😊xx


CityBlue37 · 03/10/2022 20:35

Hi, I’m a first time mum due March 2023. Do I just reply to join?
I’m an older mum (45) and know nothing about pregnancy or babies so welcome any advice! I’m reading as much as I can to learn what I don’t know but nothing better than hearing from other mums at the same stage as you and especially from the experienced mums who have done it all before!


Babynumberthreeee · 03/10/2022 21:56

OP posts:
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