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fashill · 26/11/2004 16:03

Hi all

A friend of mine told me about this site and having looked at it several times I'd like to ask some advice!!

PG with 1st baby, due 27-05-05 and a bit worried that I'm not eating enough good stuff! I'm taking Pregnacare so getting some goodness out of that and not too bad with my fruit, but having been a really good eater normally I've really gone off a lot of foods and struggling with veg. Does anyone have any advice on how much I should be eating and if there's anywhere I can get recipe ideas for PG women for nice bland foods!!

OP posts:
mummytummy · 26/11/2004 16:10

Hi fashill - congratulations on your pregnancy. On my 1st pregnancy I tried eating healthily, but then was still hungry, so ate all the rubbish I'd normally eat on top of the healthy stuff - ended up putting on 5 stones! Second pregnancy, I just ate what the rest of the family was eating, my iron counts were all good, probably all the dark choc I was eating! and I only put on 3.5 stones (still 1.5 stones over what they recommend - ooops!). DD2 is now 7 months old, and all but 5 pounds of the weight is off. Just enjoy the pregnancy, don't eat the danger foods (soft cheese, liver, peanuts, etc) eat what you fancy and worry about the weight at the other end!! Welcome to MN.

mummytummy · 26/11/2004 16:11

Sorry, that should have read mould-ripened cheese, not soft)

fashill · 26/11/2004 16:18

Thanks mummytummy!!!

Do you think that if I'm taking Pregnacare I'm getting enough of the good stuff or is there anything else I can be doing!!

By the way I'm still eating all the naughty things too but just really struggling at meal times as one minute I fancy something and as soon as it's in front of me I feel sick!! A big fan of cheese though (only the recomended ones!!) but can't just live on that!!

OP posts:
vict17 · 26/11/2004 16:21

I think you don't need to worry specially if you're taken vitamins. Can you manage something like a cheese and tomato sandwich? Or pasta with cheese and some veg? How about a few smoothies of fruit you do feel like - mango and strawberry - add a bit of ice cream too!

mummytummy · 26/11/2004 16:25

Have you had your hospital booking in appointment? They should take some blood tests which will tell you if you are lacking in anything. I was lucky and didn't suffer from any sickness at all. My SIL has just had a baby, and she is the fussiest eater alive, and suffered from really bad morning sickness. She was worried about calcium because she won't eat any dairy. She then found out that there were loads of other foods she ate that had calcium. If I remember rightly, has a few tips.

mummytummy · 26/11/2004 16:26

Ooh yes Vict17, smoothies are good.

fashill · 26/11/2004 16:30

Tanks Vict17!! I've been thinking about buying a smoothie machine (or getting one for Xmas) so that's a great idea.

mummytummy - I've got my 1st appt on 07-12 and I thought they'd check all that but being a novice wasn't sure. I'll just keep soldiering on as I am then and see what they say. I'll definately be doing the smoothies though!!

OP posts:
fashill · 26/11/2004 16:31

And I'll look at the website!!

OP posts:
charleypops · 26/11/2004 17:51

Hi Fashill

Welcome to MN and congratulations!! - I have been just the same as you since I discovered I was pg and found the support here great. I'm eating loads more carbs than normal and gone right off healthy fruit and veg which I normally eat, (although I do try to force a little bit down - pears I've found are tolerable) also I'm drinking milk, which normally would make me feel ill etc ..... Why don't you post on the "due in May part 3" thread, I'm sure there'll be lots of ladies there going through the same

AussieSim · 26/11/2004 22:26

What to Expect when you're expecting has some good information and recipes for diet during pregnancy. I am making an omlette for breakfast right now with mushrooms, capsicum and zuchini. I crave eggs for breakfast at the moment and figure I should listen to my body.

ponygirl · 26/11/2004 22:30

I agree with Aussiesim - and congratulations fashill! Avoid the danger foods, and there aren't many of those, try and eat the 'right' ones (fresh fruit & veg, oily fish) but don't worry too much. Chocolate that is high in cocoa solids has a good iron content, so that's essential. Otherwise, just enjoy...well, when the sickness has worn off! Congratulations again.

Bronze · 27/11/2004 20:48

just remember that your baby will take everything it needs and itll be you who gets deprived so dont worry about the health of your baby and if you feel ok then you would be seem to be getting enough of everything

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