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3 replies

Drew1978 · 14/04/2022 09:39

Morning all. I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been on cyclogest progesterone since the start as advised by my gynaecologist. The issue I have is the morning pessary, if inserted at 6.30am, I stay in bed after for 30mins. Around 8/9/10am I open my bowls. Is this ok? Or should I insert another? My gynaecologist says I should if it comes out but can't see it.

I am on them due to previous miscarriages.

OP posts:

PMAmostofthetime · 15/08/2022 06:14

@Drew1978 yes as long as it's an hour later. I am also on Cyclogest - if used vaginally you need to lie down for 20-30 mins if rectally you can move about as normal but if you have a bowel movement more than a hour before you need to re-insert a new one. After an hour your fine.


DME2 · 15/08/2022 10:10

Thank you! I posted this some time ago - I’m now 28 weeks pregnant. All looking good so far. X


PMAmostofthetime · 15/08/2022 10:55

@Drew1978 Congratulations 🎉

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