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Another miscarriage? My heart can’t take much more

3 replies

RainbowBubbles22 · 13/04/2022 09:45

I’m 6 week 0 days today and STILL no symptoms. This is an ivf pregnancy. My scan is tomorrow.

I’m on a group of ladies who had ivf at the same time and they’ve all got slight nausea and sore boobs! I’ve got nothing.

I think this will be another miscarriage to add to my list 😭

Another miscarriage? My heart can’t take much more
OP posts:

Lacedwithgrace · 13/04/2022 17:24

A lot of pregnancies show no symptoms at this stage, 6 weeks is very early. But considering your past, you know what feels right and wrong. I hope everything's okay x


user1237 · 13/04/2022 17:49

I lost 4 pregnancies (miscarriage / ectopic) and when I fell pregnant with my son I had no symptoms until about 8 weeks. Even then, it was just fatigue. I didn't get nausea or sore boobs. I had back pain start about 13 weeks and that was the main symptom I experienced. Like you, I was convinced I was miscarrying because I didn't feel anything. But equally, I'd think I was miscarrying if I did have symptoms. So it's sort of a lose-lose situation.
It's such a hard place to be in OP and I feel for you. The anxiety and not knowing is awful. I hope it all goes well x


Dindundundundeeer · 13/04/2022 17:51

I’ve had 4 MC and never ‘feel’ pregnant. Also had 2xDC now. Try not to worry (impossible really) Flowers

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