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Would you have your baby on your birthday?

13 replies

Mumofoneandanotherontheway · 30/01/2021 09:39

I’m due end of March, but as I’m going for elective they will be doing a csection earlier than due date. Happens to be my birthday the same week and have told me to decide on a day out of 4 that week. Should I choose my birthday? Everyone’s telling me to. I have to let them know on Monday.
I’m concerned baby will grow up to hate sharing his birthday with his mum Confused

OP posts:
Fascinationends · 30/01/2021 09:43

No! Not by choice, let him have his own day, or a bit of his spotlight will forever by yours. If it happens naturally, fine, but choosing it to be so seems a bit attention seeking.

WishITookLifeSeriously · 30/01/2021 09:44

I share a birthday with my dad and whilst it's lovely now, I hated it growing up. It sometimes makes me sad as the years go on that one day I'll probably have to have birthdays without him.
On the flip side though, he's always said it's an honour and his proudest moment to share his birthday with me. So from a parents point of view, I can see why people are encouraging you to pick your birthday.

SaveFerris1 · 30/01/2021 09:46

My oldest son was born on my birthday. We like sharing our day and means it’s a big day of celebrations so I get more fuss made of me too! Grin I had no choice though

Oh12lookanothernamechange1234 · 30/01/2021 09:47

Nah I wouldn’t, imagine a big birthday for you and you want to go away with your partner / DH child free.... you’ll have the guilt that you are away for their birthday too.

So don’t do it, I went into early labour late in the evening on my birthday and held on for 2 days 🙈🙈 it worked a treat 2 year later when it was my 30th, night away with hubbie. And no guilt that I’d missed his 2nd birthday

JemimaTiggywinkle · 30/01/2021 09:47

I wouldn’t personally - agree that it would be better for him to have his own day.

And also, you might also appreciate your own day, instead of spending every one of your birthdays organising a kid’s party and being annoyed that no-one has remembered it’s your birthday too.

Honeybobbin · 30/01/2021 09:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HomeFailing · 30/01/2021 10:11

I would keep it as many days apart as possible if you have the choice. I went into labour with my dd on my birthday, she didn't arrive until the next day. I'm not massively into my own birthday, never have been, but particularly where she's younger and birthdays are a big deal for her, i spend my birthday every year now preparing for hers the next day. I now appreciate my birthday and wish i could just relax on it!

CATINBOOTSz · 30/01/2021 10:15

DS2 was born on my birthday and we both love it!

Allgirlskidsanddogs · 30/01/2021 10:18

No! I would choose another day, preferably with a day or 2 between.

TitsOot4Xmas · 30/01/2021 10:20

I was induced at 40+13 only because it meant she would arrive the day before my birthday as a maximum. As it turned out there is 2 days between.

The bonus is that such a fuss is made of her birthday that I haven’t aged since. Wink

Tellto · 30/01/2021 10:21

no its meant to be their special day!

Mumofoneandanotherontheway · 31/01/2021 00:18

Agreed, thanks you ladies for helping me make my decision. I didn’t want it on my birthday either but I was being told by everyone how nice it would be. But again I thought of LOs future birthdays when he’s older, would he want to always celebrate with his mum, would always feel forced I guess.

OP posts:
strangerontheinternet · 13/02/2021 11:13

Baby is due 2 days after my birthday and I'm hoping it ends up like a week apart 😂

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