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4th c section

3 replies

Millylou3 · 15/10/2020 22:03

Hi random question but curious - I’m currently pregnant - type 1 diabetic - this is my 4th baby and will also be my 4th section - with it being my 4th I was wondering if by some miracle I go into labour naturally what happens? Will I just get rushed to theatre ? My consultant has said no chance of a natural delivery after my 2nd c section due to the chance of my scar ripping internally whilst pushing

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SunbathingDragon · 15/10/2020 22:06

I’ve had four c sections and I expect you will be told to call the hospital as soon as you go into labour so they can prepare whilst you head there. You’ll then go into theatre for an emergency section, although hopefully not too much of a rush unless your labour is progressing very quickly.

When were your other babies born? You might have your date scheduled in a little earlier to attempt to avoid a spontaneous labour.

Millylou3 · 15/10/2020 22:38

Yeah I’ve been early with all my others around 36-38 weeks that’s why I’m saying by some miracle if it does happen 😂 - I’ve never progressed in labour as I’ve always been set off early (1st pregnancy) will check again with the consultant to see if it’s just get to hospital as soon as - my last baby was nearly 10lb and I had a few Brixton hicks towards the end so just thinking ahead incase I get them again and think it’s labour 👶🏻😂

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theplymouthdoula · 15/11/2020 20:17

Hello, not sure if your baby is here already or not but wanted to advise that plenty of people give birth vaginally after multiple Caesareans. It is possible, and it is always your right/choice to try if you want to. Yes there are risks, but the risks of multiple Caesareans also increases with each birth, so it's all about you balancing up the benefits and risks as they apply to you, and what you are prepared to go with.

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