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London face-to-face antenatal classes?

3 replies

willowlondon · 27/09/2020 10:39

Hi there,

I wondered if anyone knew if any antenatal classes - like NCT or bump & baby club - that are happening in person in london? I understand educational classes are exempt from rule of 6 as long as they're less than 15 people.. but bump & baby have just said their classes will now be online as most of them have 21 people on them..

It would be really nice to meet some other mums due around the same time (I'm due Jan) - I can do the educational aspect of classes with my hospital, so the reason I wanted to do a group thing was to build some actual relationships with people going through the same experience, so I had a support group of mums from my area to connect with when the baby comes.. and I don't feel like this will be possible in the same way over zoom. It's hard to have a conversation with one person when 20 other people you don't know are also listening..

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! X

OP posts:
Fisher1008 · 30/10/2020 19:28

I’m due in January too and starting the NCT course on Monday. It is online but they have break out rooms and set tasks to make it more fun and interactive. They have also set up a WhatsApp group and I believe people tend to meet up after the course anyway to grab a coffee.

Haven’t heard of any in face ones either so thought this was our best bet! Good Luck with your pregnancy

SE20MUM · 02/11/2020 11:41

I'm due in March and had signed up for the NCT classes in our area as we just moved to the area in March and are keen to meet other parents nearby. Our main motivation for doing it. Also, this is our first so we don't have a clue about what we are doing either! It was meant to be in person but we got an email last week to say it was moving online, which I was really nervous about but I'm hoping we can try to meet up for coffees at times other than the class times. But as @Fisher1008 said there are breakout groups scheduled which will be better than nothing!

m0therofdragons · 02/11/2020 11:43

Rule of 6 changes from Thursday to rule of meeting one other in an outside public place. I think all groups previously up to 15 will be cancelled as weddings are banned from Thursday except for exceptional circumstances. Keep an eye on the rules as they’re not set until it’s gone through Parliament today.

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