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Pregnant with APS/Hughes Syndrome

4 replies

Yukka · 23/11/2018 20:30

Hi all just thought I’d drop a thread for anyone else who is as the title says....
I’m 5 weeks after 3 recurrent, on aspirin and due to start heparin on Monday.

Long road ahead.

OP posts:

VioletCookie · 10/01/2023 13:26

Hi Yukka,

I know you posted this a very long time ago but I'm wondering if you're still active. How did your pregnancy go? I really hope everything went well for you 🙏🏼

I have recently been diagnosed with APS after recurrent IVF miscarriages (unable to conceive naturally) and am trying to find some information on people's experiences. Did you find APS difficult to manage during pregnancy? What was your medication protocol? We have always miscarried at 5 weeks and I'm beginning to think it won't happen for us 😔 we're also awaiting chromosome results.

Any advice would be so appreciated!

Thank you xx


Yukka · 19/01/2023 21:47

Hey yes I'm still here.

Sorry to for your losses and experience. It can be pretty tough.

We'll I have a good news story, 4 days after the diagnosis was confirmed I discovered I was pregnant for the 4th time. I took 75mg aspirin every day and self injected an Anti-coagulant until I reached 14weeks. I had regular growth scans as well as normal checks right the way through. Stopped the aspirin at 36 weeks to prepare for birth. Was booked to be induced but baby came naturally at 38wks and we have a little girl who starts school in September!

Can't believe it myself sometimes.

How are you doing?

OP posts:

VioletCookie · 20/01/2023 06:50

Your msg has come at such a good time, we're about to start another FET and I've dreamt that I won't get pregnant this time so woke in a panic! I'm so pleased it worked for you, you must have been nervous throughout the pregnancy. It's great to hear these happy endings as we're beginning to feel like it will never happen!


YoBeaches · 20/01/2023 07:11

The main thing with APS is that it's totally manageable. If you're going to get a diagnosis this is one of the better ones to have as they've been treating it for 15yrs or so in pregnancy which is quite long in terms of miscarriage research!

Are you at a local Hospital or did you ever get referred to specialist clinic? Mine was all local though a few in here were sent to London and other places for diagnostics.

It's hard to stay positive but the fact you're going to try again shows how committed you both are - having the mental and emotional energy to keep going os half the battle in my opinion.

I also had acupuncture which I personally believe helped me manage my wellbeing throughout.

Fingers crossed for you xxx

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