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Non-visualisation of CSP at 20 week scan

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39Suzy · 23/03/2018 21:37

I just wondered if anyone had anh experience of this? I had my 20 week scan this week and the sonographer was unable to see the CSP in the brain. She said everything else looked normal but she just wasn't seeing it.
We have been booked in for a scan with a consultant first thing Monday but all we were told was that it is usually nothing and not to Google it. Of course we have and ot usually if not always indicates further abnormalities and only very rarely is isolated and asymptomatic. I have spent the last two days trying to absorb every medical article and posting on this topic but just wanted to see if anyone had any experience on here. It is incredibly rare.... just a handful of cases each year so i know it is a longshot.
Incidentally my triple tests came in very low risk (1 in 77,779 at worst) which they said was positive.

OP posts:
Clough · 28/05/2021 17:52

Hello! I know this is a few years ago now but I would love to know the outcome of your appointment we have been in the same position and so painful to wait until Tuesday!

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