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nickytwotimes has a baby boy

6 replies

nickytwotimes · 10/06/2010 16:05

Wee Adam was born on 26th May after a fairly short and reasonable labour. A lovely little brother for junior twotimes.
Struggling a bit at times with wind (his), guilt at not spending enough time with ds1 and general adjustment to new family life, but he is a wee smasher.

OP posts:
jpg · 10/06/2010 21:41

Congratulations, enjoy your two boys

toccatanfudge · 10/06/2010 21:43


rosieposey · 10/06/2010 21:44

Ahhh congratulations, am very two boys - how lovely!

feedthegoat · 10/06/2010 21:45


ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 10/06/2010 21:47

Congratulations Nicky, and welcome to the world Adam

Fimbo · 16/06/2010 00:24

Aww congratulations Nicky. Fabulous choice of name (it is my ds's ).

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