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Dahlia has flowered!!

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Dahlia · 23/06/2003 00:40

Well, what a weekend!! My wish came true, and my beautiful Isabel Violet was born on Saturday 21st June as hoped, at 10.44pm weighing 7lb 5oz. I managed on gas and air and a small dose of pethidine and active labour lasted an hour and half, 10 pushes and out she came! It was the most amazing, exhilerating, frightening and intense experience of my life. I was totally in control and although it was seriously painful, I got through it, and only had a little tear, and came home Sun afternoon. When dh brought dd1 to hospital to see her, it was truly one of life's great moments. Will post more tomorrow! Love you all!

OP posts:
ANGELMOTHER · 23/06/2003 00:45

Huge congrats Dahlia, sounds as though you should be immensly (sp) proud of yourself and little Isabel of course.....
Looking forward to hearing all the details

Ghosty · 23/06/2003 05:20

What wonderful news Dahlia ... a huge welcome to Isabel (one of my fave girls's names!) and well done to you ... you clever thing you!!

PamT · 23/06/2003 06:02

Congratulations Dahlia. Isabel sounds like a little angel. I'm glad that all went well for you.

jodee · 23/06/2003 07:19

Dahlia how lovely! What a pretty name too, many congratulations!

WideWebWitch · 23/06/2003 07:52

Oh Dahlia, congratulations and well done

M2T · 23/06/2003 08:10

Wow Dahlia! Your post made me cry! Congratulations and what beautiful name.

woozle · 23/06/2003 08:21

How lovely. Congratulations. I've cried too and runined my mascara before work.

Well done to the whole family!

SoupDragon · 23/06/2003 08:23


princesspeahead · 23/06/2003 08:32

how wonderful! congratulations... a solstice baby - how about calling her Isabel Violet Summer?!
Enjoy her, and take care of yourself over the next few weeks.

Batters · 23/06/2003 08:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AliP · 23/06/2003 08:53

Dahlia - I'm so pleased for you - so did you last the school concert??

I hope you and your family are really happy.

Look after yourselves

Girly · 23/06/2003 09:13

Congratulations Dahlia, and welcome to the world Isabel Violet

Bron · 23/06/2003 09:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pie · 23/06/2003 10:14


What a lovely name, and what a wonderful sounding labour!

LucieB · 23/06/2003 10:50

Many congratulations to you and your family. Hope all of you are doing well.

StripyMouse · 23/06/2003 11:17

I am delighted for you - brilliant news. I am so happy that all went according to plan and that we are both well. I love your choice of name, it is so pretty and classic at the same time. Reading your post has made my day

motherinferior · 23/06/2003 11:20

Oh Dahlia, I'm in tears too. How completely wonderful. I'm actually lost for words, and that hardly ever happens

musica · 23/06/2003 11:46

Well done Dahlia!!!

Lindy · 23/06/2003 11:53

Congratulations, so pleased Isobel arrived on the 21st - glad the labour went so well, must have been all that swimming!!

Bossanova · 23/06/2003 11:54

Well done Dahlia, welcome to mumsnet baby Isabel.

SamboM · 23/06/2003 11:55

Fantastic new Dahlia, another little flower has arrived! What a wonderful sounding birth.

sobernow · 23/06/2003 12:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilibet · 23/06/2003 12:18

Welcome to the world and God Bless Isabel. gorgeous name, congrats and loads of love to Mum and Dad

Frenchgirl · 23/06/2003 12:32

Well done Dahlia and Bonjour little Isabel Violet (beautiful name!)!! Look after yourself and enjoy your new baby!!

mears · 23/06/2003 12:34

Sounds fabulous. Beautiful name. Congratulations

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