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MrsBadger has (slightly stealthy) cub

46 replies

MrsBadger · 24/01/2010 18:37

another high-speed arrival for the Badgers

2.45am woke up, ctx 7min apart
3.45am 4min apart, leave for hospital
5.30am get in pool
8.04am ds born
12noon arrive home with pizza

3 days early, 7lb 11, no drugs, no intervention, no stitches, feeding well but as yet unnamed.

OP posts:
NoFlysOnMe · 24/01/2010 18:38

wow - congratulations!

ScottishBoris · 24/01/2010 18:39

Well done and HUGE congratulations Mrs B!!

NoFlysOnMe · 24/01/2010 18:39

and am a bit at the no stitches...

hunkermunker · 24/01/2010 18:41

I'm not 100% sure you're meant to feed newborn babies pizza...

VERY big congratulations, MrsB!!!

Rindercella · 24/01/2010 18:41

Massive congratulations to you all

Welcome to the world Badger Cub.

flowerybeanbag · 24/01/2010 18:41


southeastastra · 24/01/2010 18:42


belgo · 24/01/2010 18:42

Congratulations! I bet no pizza has ever tasted so nice.

Let us know when you've decided the name.

lol at Hunkermunker.

Metatron · 24/01/2010 18:56

a badger boy! Hurrah and congratulations to all in the sett.

NoahAndTheWhale · 24/01/2010 18:58


fruitful · 24/01/2010 18:59

No no no you're supposed to bring a baby home, not a pizza


FiveGoMadInDorset · 24/01/2010 19:01

Many congratulations on the safe arrival of your DC

mama2moo · 24/01/2010 19:34

Congratulations, you lucky lucky lady

blametheparents · 24/01/2010 19:44

Now that is a brief and to the point birth story!

Huge congrats, looking forward to hearing the name x

traceybath · 24/01/2010 19:46


Lulumama · 24/01/2010 19:47

didn;t even know you were pregnant! congratulations on the sfae arrival of another wee baby xxxx

PandaG · 24/01/2010 19:47


FabIsGoingToBeFabIn2010 · 24/01/2010 19:47

didn't even know you were pregnant!!

That was a quick discharge! Thought it had to be 6 hours?

ilovesprouts · 24/01/2010 19:51

congrats xx

threeplusone · 24/01/2010 19:51

congratulations xx

ilovemydogandmrobama · 24/01/2010 19:55

was going to post on your other thread, maybe time to wake your DH

It's a take away pizza not a take away baby


Ceolas · 24/01/2010 21:27

Oh congratulations and welcome to your little DS! Look forward to hearing his name

PandaEis · 24/01/2010 21:30


NorbertDentressangle · 24/01/2010 21:30


I hope you remembered to arrive home with pizza and baby at 12.00 (you only mention the pizza)

LaDiDaDi · 24/01/2010 21:31


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