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Perfectmummy gets a vbac and a perfect little boy

3 replies

perfectmummy · 16/01/2010 20:09

hi all,
Wanted to let you all know I managed a wonderful vbac on Sunday after a long and stressful early labour and many moments of lost hope.
I eventually gave birth to my beautiful son Caspar at 16.18 on 10.01.10. It was amazing and I am so very proud of myself.
Stoke Mandeville was brilliant for anyone who wants to know and the whole experience although not without a little bit of drama along the way was a wonderful one!

OP posts:
reservejudgement · 16/01/2010 20:23

Well done pm! I tried for vbac on ds2 but didn't succeed. Congratulations on your little boy!

5inthebed · 16/01/2010 20:26

Congratulations! Lovely name, and I love his birthdate, looks lovely in print. How heavy was he?

I wish I had been as brave as you with ds2.

JustKeepSoddingSnowing · 16/01/2010 21:10


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