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Maxbear has a home waterbirth

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maxbear · 16/01/2010 14:25

Hello everyone,

I've just had my third baby a little boy called Noah Daniel. He is gorgeous but has gums like razor blades!

The day before he was born I had ventured out in the snow to buy dd's birthday present and presents for both children from the baby. I put on my fb status that I was ready to have the baby now, litle did I know quite how ready!!

I had an antenatal and my mw told me that tonight would be good for her (I am a midwife myself so she was always hoping to deliver me as she had done with my other two). Another really good friend was working too and so I told her I'd do my best, but at 7 - 10 days early didn't really think it would happen so soon.

So tried to get things going with a bonk and some nipple stimulation. Five minutes after we finished felt a contraction. For the next 2 hours was thinking it has to be a false alarm due to bonking, then got up and walked around a bit and realised it couldn't be a false alarm as they were every 3 minutes and they hurt. Organised childcare and called the midwives. everyone arrived between 4 and 5am and things seemed to be speeding along. Having had a two hour labour with my second I was hoping to have given birth before dd went to school. Eventually at 8am I was examined and found to be 6cm dilated it got really painful from this point onwards. I was already in the pool and luckily they had brought lots of gas and air which I enjoyed! I made so much noise and my mw kept asking me if the baby felt like it was moving down which I wasn't sure if it was or not, after nearly another two and a half hours with no signs of wanting to push she asked me to get out of the pool to walk around a bit, they came a bit closer together but still no baby so she got me to walk upstairs and sit on the loo. As soon as I sat on the loo I wanted to push a bit and got worried about my carpets so I legged it downstairs, had a few pushy conts out of the pool but then had to get back in as I was getting cold. As soon as I was back in the pool I couldn't stop pushing and he came out in about five minutes. It hurt more than I thought it would but was over quickly. I waited for the placenta which took about 40 mins before it plopped out into a bucket. At 7lb 13oz He weighed a pound less than his big brother and a pound more than his big sister. He has been feeding well ever since and is a joy.

OP posts:
girlsyearapart · 16/01/2010 14:30

Congratulations to you

And I'm impressed at the home birth bravery. DH had a major league panic when it was just my waters breaking on the landing!

Enjoy him (lovely name btw)

bounty007 · 16/01/2010 14:39

what a lovely positive childbirth story...
made me very excited about DC2 arrival in 4 weeks, aiming for another waterbirth..last one was fab!

foxytocin · 16/01/2010 14:40

mmmmmm. love WB stories.


JustKeepSoddingSnowing · 16/01/2010 21:08

Lovely lovely lovely, Congratulations!!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 19/01/2010 13:21

Many congratulations

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