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WinkyWinkola had her baby

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WinkyWinkola · 07/11/2009 15:59

A boy, called Barnaby Rex.

He weighs 8lbs 5ozs.

He was born at home and labour was 3.5 hours.

I really couldn't believe that I'd been able to have him at home as I thought something would happen to mean a trip to hospital.

It was brilliant to get into my own bed, with tea and toast afters.

I'm so happy! He's a smashing, squeaky little boy and his siblings adore him already.

OP posts:
thisisyesterday · 07/11/2009 16:00

awww huge congrats winky. fabulous news.
lovely name too

doubleexpresso · 07/11/2009 16:18

Congratulations. Lovely names. Well done.

LaDiDaDi · 07/11/2009 16:19

Sounds fab and love his name .

rubyslippers · 07/11/2009 16:29

what nice news - congratulations

FourArms · 08/11/2009 08:39


MarshaBrady · 08/11/2009 08:42

Congratulations! And how lovely to have a 3 hour birth at home. Great name.

Lulumama · 11/11/2009 20:35

congratulations xxxx

belgo · 12/11/2009 10:23

Congratulations! Fab name!

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