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Holly290505 - Ruby is finally here!

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Holly290505 · 10/06/2005 17:13

Ruby Annabelle arrived at 4.50 am on 8/6/05, nine days late weighing 8lb exactly. She is absolutely perfect and has tons of black hair. Mummy and Daddy are very, vey happy!

For those who can cope with the gory details...

Waters broke at 7.30am on Tuesday, 24 hours before I was due for induction. Labour started at about 8.30 and I coped OK with TENS and birthing ball at home til about 2.30pm. Arrived at hospital 4cm dilated and the consultant insisted I stay on labour ward not go to birth centre - by this stage I was past caring and was fine in the bath with gas and air til about 9pm.

Was still only 6cm at 9.30pm and had to have synotocin drip and catheter in case bladder was in the way. Also strapped to monitor and stuck lying down. Medical history meant no epidural so still only on gas and air and TENS. Finally got to 10cm at 3am after 17 hours of contractions 3mins apart. At 4am midwife called doctors in realising that I was pushing to little avail as her head was emerging sideways with her hand on her forhead. There was lots of panic as heartrate on monitor dipped.

I was put in stirrups and it was then another 50mins of pushing along with ventouse and episiotomy before doctor managed to twist Ruby the right way round and deliver her at 4.50am.

Unbelievably there is not a mark on her bar a small bruise on her hand and she had an immediate APGAR score of 10. We were warned she would be fractious due to ventouse headache but so far she has been a perfect little angel, sleeping and feeding well.

I am sore, coping with the stitches and a bit traumatised by it all but very thankful to be a mum at last!

OP posts:
Holly290505 · 10/06/2005 17:14

PS I have put a pic on member profiles!

OP posts:
starlover · 10/06/2005 17:14

oh wow... well done...

plleeeeeeeeeeeeease post a pic so we can see if her 3D scan was a god likeness!!!!! please?

congratulations... and an apgar score of 10! WOW!

starlover · 10/06/2005 17:15

DOH... crossed posts!

jessicasmummy · 10/06/2005 17:15


Hulababy · 10/06/2005 17:15

Congratulations and welcome to Ruby Annabelle.

Flossam · 10/06/2005 17:36

Congratulations bless your heart. Hope you recover well and she continous to be gorgeous and peaceful! well done you!

MarsLady · 10/06/2005 17:38


bubbaloo · 10/06/2005 17:42

congratulations holly and welcome to ruby.

logic · 10/06/2005 17:45

Wonderful news and congratulations, what a labour though!

Come and join us on the postnatal thread...

myermay · 10/06/2005 17:55

Message withdrawn

coppertop · 10/06/2005 18:07

Congratulations! Welcome to baby Ruby.

rodeo1 · 10/06/2005 18:22


Have been looking out for you! Ruby is a beautiful name - one we're considering if this one is a girl!

Well done and best wishes x x x x x x x

Cooperoo · 10/06/2005 18:57

Congratulations. Wishing you a speedy recovery too. Love the name!!

Yorkiegirl · 10/06/2005 19:01

Message withdrawn

teabelly · 11/06/2005 12:40

Oh CONGRATULATIONS Holly, and welcome to little Ruby

likklemum · 11/06/2005 13:42

Congrats Galore! Your birth story was very similar to mine. Take it as easy as you can and enjoy. Ruby is a beautiful name.

18mumtobe · 11/06/2005 14:37

thanx holly, special congrats to you too. can't believe we finally did it. YEAH WE ARE MUMS AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

special welcome to little Ruby, glad your ok and coping well.


tab · 12/06/2005 10:54

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY 290505!!! Im so happy for you after such a long wait and welcome to baby Ruby Annabelle (I love the name). Well done - sounds like you went through it a bit with such a long labour and the complications at the end. Im sure she's absolutely beautiful. Hope you're not feeling too sore and managing to get some rest between feeds.

Rachey1969 · 13/06/2005 08:30

Congratulations Holly! Glad it all turned out ok in the end and you got your essay finished! Ruby is a fab name!

shhhh · 13/06/2005 18:21

Holly290505 congratulations. The may thread has finally all delivered.!!! We did it.!!

fashill · 14/06/2005 16:42

Congrats Holly and such a lovely name (was one of my shortlist for a girl)!

We're all here now

Hope Ruby and Mummy(and Daddy) are all okay

LittleB · 17/06/2005 12:10

congratulations Holly, welcome to the world Ruby - lovely name.

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