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Finally home after 10 days of stress

11 replies

MrsS · 23/05/2003 12:27

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know that we had a gorgeous little boy on Wednesday 14th May. Unfortunately he has some kidney function problems, along with dehydration and jaundice and we were kept in hospital until yesterday. Fantastic to be at home at last and he seems to be doing well.

I would be really interested in comparing notes with anyone else whose baby has had (or still has) hydronephrosis, bilateral reflux and initially poor kidney function

If I dont reply immediatley to any messgaes it's coz I'm probably sitting on the sofa with my boobs out !

OP posts:
Marina · 23/05/2003 12:37

Glad you are home at last and sorry you've had a worrying ten days' start for your little man. Hope he continues to do well! Do you have a name for him yet?

2MumToby · 23/05/2003 12:38

Congratulations MrsS!

I have no experience of this, but I just wanted to send my best wishes to you and baby.

mammya · 23/05/2003 14:08

Congratulations MrsS! No advice here either I'm afraid. Hope all is and stays well.

meanmum · 23/05/2003 14:18

I don't have any advice as mine didn't suffer this yet but wanted to offer my congratulations too. When I hear of new mums it brings flooding back all the emotions and feelings I had when my ds was born.

Good to hear you are both home and doing well.

colette · 23/05/2003 14:25

Just wanted to add congratulations!! Sorry don't have any advice but wish you all well.

MrsS · 23/05/2003 15:15

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. Midwife has just visited and he's finally puting on weight nicely.

Marina - we have called him Felix. DH thought it was too catty but could not come up with anythng better so I won in the end.

OP posts:
Marina · 23/05/2003 15:28

Well, tell dh (as I am sure you did) that it also means Happy One! It's a lovely choice, glad to hear he's flourishing MrsS.

grommit · 23/05/2003 15:45

Mrs S - congratulations - like the name!

alibubbles · 23/05/2003 16:29

Congratulations, love the name!

Dahlia · 23/05/2003 17:19

Well Done MrsS! And welcome to Felix!

Caterina · 24/05/2003 16:32

Felix also means fertile, it's a great name and very popular in Italy.

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