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Bratnav has a baby boy

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bratnav · 10/09/2009 13:53

Birth story anyone? Too bad, here it is anyway!

After being bullied into having an induction due to high GTT result at 38 weeks (horror stories of higher chance of stillbirth etc etc) I was turned away from the hospital on 28th as they didn't have room for me. Turned up at 8.30am as requested on 29th to be given a prostin pessary at 12.30 Cx kicked off every 10 minutes and then ground to a halt at midnight despite clary sage oil, bouncing on birth ball and hiking round the hospital grounds (many concerned elderly ladies ).

DH sent home as the delivery suite was too busy for me to have waters broken. DH came back the next morning after a surprisingly good nights sleep for us both, so that was a good decision all round. They broke my waters at around 11.30, but DS was showing no signs of vacating his room after 3 hours so they started syntocin drip. MW managed to remind DH and I that DS must arrive before 10pm as she finished her shift then and had to be up early the next morning so couldn't stay late around 15 times by around 8pm, I think that says pretty much everything you need to know about her. Drip was increased every half hour until I was having 3 cx per 10 minutes, then MW decided to increase it once more for luck CX increased to 90 seconds long, 30 second gap then the next one. I was caning the G&A at a seriously impressive rate. DH mentioned his concern to MW that the drip may be too high, she said it was fine, he asked for Dr/supervisor who confirmed he was right and drip was turned down.

At 9.30pm MW checked me and said I was 6cm at which point I lost the will to live and begged for an epidural. MW went off to get anaesthetist, came back with her after 10-15 minutes, DH was trying to help me lean over the bed so they could do the epidural. I told him and MW that it was too late, MW told me not to be silly, at which point I lay back on the bed and DS arrived in 3 pushes at 9.49pm

DS weighed 9lb 12oz or 4.43kg and was 59cm long. He is Reuben Henry Charles, a very chilled out boy who has completed our family and is making us happier than I could have imagined.

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WhatFreshHellIsThis · 16/09/2009 21:24

Congratulations! What a fabulous boy, and quite a birth story, too. Is he a St Michaels' boy or Southmead?

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