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Ses has finally become a mum!

15 replies

SesHasFinallyBecomeAMum · 19/05/2009 15:45

OP posts:
Kayzr · 19/05/2009 15:57

Great story!!
Congratulations again!!!

sorkycakey · 19/05/2009 15:58

Ooh I'll read this later with a cuppa. I love a long BS
I know I've said it before but massive Congratulations to you!!

Wheelybug · 19/05/2009 16:01

Congratulations . Welcome to owen !

LionstarBigPants · 19/05/2009 16:01

Congratulations, what a lovely story - sounds like you got the best possible birth that circumstances allowed. Made me quite teary (pregnancy hormones!)

glaskham · 19/05/2009 16:01

wow ses- very moving!!

Diege · 19/05/2009 16:34

Really lovely, absorbing story SES. Many congratulations again

Heebeejeebee · 19/05/2009 16:44

Ses - that's wonderful news. Many congratulation and welcome Owen!

GYo · 19/05/2009 17:12

Fab story Ses
Congratulations again.
Hope we get to meet Owen at a southern meet soon

Gyo x

Cosmogirl · 19/05/2009 17:51

Great story Ses - very well told. Congratulations on the arrival of Owen (lovely name) - glad you recovered well from the CS.

sorkycakey · 19/05/2009 20:15

What a truly wonderful story, felt like I was right there

FiKelly · 19/05/2009 21:47

ses thanks for posting your story.. although I've been through a cs albeit em one.. you've helped me be less nervous about this friday's elective but not really preferred option of another one. really hope to get the skin to skin like you did.. unfortunately I was unconscious for 5hrs last time after just having the spinal and they latched ds on twice in that time.. of which I have no memory of at all. really hope the cs this time is like yours xoxox

FiKelly · 19/05/2009 21:51

and again huge congratulations to you all on owen

NatalieJane · 19/05/2009 21:51

(because I can't spell what a 'lady' is supposed to do!) I've been name checked Sorry, lady has gievn birth, I will honour it with a comment, once my head has shrunk back down to size....

Well done missus! You did good girly

cece · 19/05/2009 22:06

What a lovely story. Congratulations.

JustKeepSwimming · 21/05/2009 08:07


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