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Cosmogirl finally gets to meet Cosmobaby and sickness gone!

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Cosmogirl · 13/04/2009 12:38

Bit long - sorry!

Waters broke on the 1st April ? the day after my due date. I was in bed watching the England football match when I heard a loud banging noise coming from pelvis. I got out of bed and went to the loo and my waters were coming out quite fast. I was shocked at how much fluid there was. Kept having to put new pad in as it was soaking through so quick.

Called DH and told him to come upstairs and telephoned the hospital who told us we needed to come straight in.

We got stuff ready, panicking a little, and got into the car. My ctx started in the car on the way to the hospital. They were mild at first but by the time we got to the hospital they were rather painful and I was having to stop in the hospital corridor to breathe through them.

We were shown to a labour suite and got settled. The first of the five midwives we would have during my ten hour labour examined me and told me I was only 1 cm dilated.

MW said labour suites are only for people 4 cm or more ? we might be sent home (a 40 min drive) or to the ward.

She left us alone for quite a while and I stayed active for the ctx ? trying to find positions that were comfortable but just about every position was uncomfortable. I kept gripping on to DH trying to breathe through them as best I could.

It was horrible going for a wee as a ctx seemed to always hit when I was on the toilet and it was hard to cope with. So much water and gunk seemed to still be coming out.

MW told me I had ketones in urine and would I like to go on a drip. I said no so was forced to eat a piece of toast and jam. It tasted awful and I could barely swallow it.

MW kept saying she didn?t think my ctx were long enough or close enough together to be progressing me but to me it felt like they were coming back to back and I barely had a break in between.

Was repeatedly asked if I would like gas and air, pethidine etc?but kept refusing. I didn?t want anything that would make me feel sick or out of it. MW said I would get too tired and would end up needing an epidural. I just ignored and carried on being active through the ctx.

The next time they checked me four hours later I was 7 cms ? this soon shut the mw up and they left me to it? (dreaded being checked and monitored as always seemed to get ctx when they were doing it and it was so difficult).

We had a change of mw and this one said she was concerned about the baby?s heartrate so they wanted to do a 30 minute trace. I was strapped down to the bed during this time when I was having the most painful ctx ? all in my back because of the way the baby was facing. It felt like the longest 30 mins and finally I was let off the bed as all was fine.

I asked if the pool was free as thought the water might take the edge off the pain and had been thinking the week before about water birth being better as everything is softened and less chance of tearing etc..

They said yes the pool was free and would take half an hour to fill. Got into the pool and before long I started getting the strangest urges to bear down. Was quite scary. The mw said ?you?re not ready?. I said ?can you check me?? She did, and found I was 10 cm and ready to push but gave me no advice on how to do so.

I was pushing ineffectively for about an hour. The MW was not even in the room. She even left the cold water running into the pool which I discovered when I moved the showerhead and sprayed myself with freezing water.

Thankfully we had a change of mw again and got two lovely ones who stayed with us to the end and coached me on how to push properly. With each ctx I managed three pushes. Felt normal in between pushing. After two hours pushing at 8.51 am 2nd April, April Victoria was born. Felt amazing to have her out and cuddle her. Had nausea and sickness for 9 months and the minute she was out I felt totally better again.

Had injection for third stage. Got out of pool and delivered placenta. Shocked at volume of blood that came out. Had a catheter to empty bladder as had not passes urine for about 4 hours. Did not need any stitched ? just had a slight tear and some bruising.

OP posts:
KinderEggKayzr · 13/04/2009 12:50

Brilliant story Cosmo and I am so glad you are not being sick anymore.

SesIsCountingdowntheweeks · 13/04/2009 12:51


Congrats Cosmo - sounds like you did so well

Your story also shows how important the quality of the MW is! Glad you had two lovely ones at the end.

Must be such a relief to have the nausea gone and to have your daughter in your arms.

LaTrucha · 13/04/2009 13:12

Congratulations Cosmo!

I well remember the feeling of realising I hadn't taken my sickness medication the day after DD was born. It wouldn't have been possible to forget before!

Lovely name.

Cosmogirl · 13/04/2009 17:21

Thanks ladies . Yes, quality of MWs was very very different. First three did not seem interested at all and just wanted to encourage me to use drugs. Last two were fab and really supported and encouraged me. It made all the difference.

Thanks LaTrucha - weirdly I did not feel sick during the labour at all and did not vomit! Found that extremely odd given a hyperemesis pregnancy. Was sooo hungry afterwards and woofed down my hospital toast. Awful but my last meal before labour had been a McDonalds! [it was all I could stomach with the nausea]

DD was 6 lbs 9 oz by the way, HC 34 cm.

OP posts:
JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate · 14/04/2009 08:29

Congratulations Cosmo

Glad you had better MWs at the end who helped.

(bit at the cold water!!!)

Glad sickness gone too .

Lovely name, unusual and straightforward at the same time.

Diege · 14/04/2009 09:25

Wow COSMO what a wonderful story . You were amazingly strong - think I would have taken the epidural option.
Gorgeous name, and so glad too that you can eat again!

myjobismum · 14/04/2009 13:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ogs2003 · 14/04/2009 13:57

Fantastic news, shared a few threads in the early months regarding HG (ugh!) and was really good to read you have finally had a lovely little girl. I am sure it will give huge encouragement to anyone suffering HG right now to know its all worth it and it does end (i was able to stop meds for my HG around 20 wks but will never forget how awful it all was - hang in there anyone suffering now!) - anyway, well done you and I hope your enjoying your new little one. ps love the name. X

Sparklytwinkletoes · 14/04/2009 14:09

Congrats Cosmo - wish I'd been as brave as you refusing the drugs, you were amazing! Well done!

Welcome to the wagon world baby Cosmo!

LastOrders · 14/04/2009 14:12

Congrats - I love the name BTW

twoluvlykids · 14/04/2009 14:13

Well done and welcome to your new baby!!

countrylover · 15/04/2009 12:53

Wow! Congratulations - at least after nine months of hell you didn't go overdue and I have to say I am rather at your lovely birth story!

I bet you have the most chilled easy baby now after all that nausea and sickness. You deserve it ....

I'll keep you posted on my birth - four days from due date now and nothing to report. Out of interest did you have any warning signs: twinges, a show etc or was it the waters breaking which started it all?

Well done again xx

Cosmogirl · 15/04/2009 15:25

Thanks everyone for the lovely messages.

Myjob - I do remember you. Thanks for your message and hope your two are doing well.

Countrylover - Yes I lost my mucus plug on the day I went into labour. It went at around 11 am and then noticed bits of clear gunky stuff throughout the day. Then at 10 pm ish waters went pop! Was totally not the way I thought it would happen. No real twinges as such - noticed I had very bad heartburn on day went into labour and had not really suffered with it during the pregnancy.

Good luck - will look out for your announcement xx

OP posts:
myjobismum · 15/04/2009 18:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cosmogirl · 16/04/2009 14:34

Hi Myjob - things are going really well. B/feeding going much better. She had a few probs latching on at first. She is two weeks old today and HV just weighed her - she is 8 lbs! So has put on lots since birth (was 6.9 lbs).

Glad your two are doing well - will have a peek at your pics now.

OP posts:
LucindaE · 22/08/2012 20:01

Cosmo Your old associate Lucinda here from the dare I mention such a horrible thing - Hyperemesis thread to congratulate you on your prize. Well done!
So glad all went well and you had a water birth as I remember you wanted, and sorry that the nausea persisted but you can turn your back on that nightmare now and enjoy the baby!

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