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electra has dd3 in fast, furious induction......

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electra · 13/04/2009 00:20

I agonised about whether to go for the induction but felt the doctor's advice was based upon a logical thought process so I put my trust in her. Obviously it was not the home birth I wanted but hey, I guess you can never plan for what is going to happen and I decided it would be wrong for me to wait when the baby was possibly not thriving.

I went into hospital on Friday at 6pm, a bit tearful because I was anxious about being in hospital. The midwife explained the induction procedure and at 9.20pm put in the prostoglandin part. 'Oh, your cervix is still quite high' she said, 'so this could take a while'. She advised me to have a walk around and then settle to bed in my room for the night.

I went for a good walk around the hospital. At midnight I was put on the monitor. I was having tightenings by that point but nothing major, and I lay there feeling pretty bored. I spent a lot of time listening to my hypnobirthing CD. I decided to make the best of things and totally relax so that my body would comply with the induction process.

It wasn't until 2.30am that I suddenly realised that I was having contractions that I had to breathe through which came every 30 seconds. At 2.45 the MW said I was 5cm dilated. She got me into the delivery room where I felt the urge to kneel on the floor and bear down. It was very, very intense but I tried to keep my pelvis open instead of panicking!

Dd3 was born at 3.05am, weighing 6lb, 3oz. She is a delicate little thing. The placenta was very nasty looking so I am very glad that I trusted the obstetrician to go ahead with the induction.

I've only just got home tonight feeling very tired. She is feeding constantly - probably making up for lost time! No name yet but I'm working on it...

Would thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone by the way - it really helped me, even though I didn't get the home birth I wanted, they kept the lights off as per my request and this enabled me to focus.

OP posts:
CharCharGabor · 13/04/2009 00:23


lockets · 13/04/2009 00:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

CompareTheMeerkat · 13/04/2009 00:27


NuttyBlowUpEasterBunny · 13/04/2009 00:30

Well done electra congratulations xx

PuzzleRocks · 13/04/2009 08:55

Congrats Electra. Sorry you didn't get your homebirth but it certainly sounds to me like you made the right decision after all. Can't wait to hear more and see some pics. Well done.

staryeyed · 13/04/2009 08:57

Wow congratulations! Enjoy your little bundle of joy.

FigmentOfYourImagination · 13/04/2009 09:09

congratulations electra

JuwEggsm · 13/04/2009 09:14

Congratulations Electra! My HB turns into induction tomorrow so it's helpful to hear similar stories! And very positive that it all happened so quickly

nickschick · 13/04/2009 09:19

Congrtulations xx

electra · 13/04/2009 09:50

Thanks everyone JuwEgg - I think that as induction experiences go it was good I tried to do as much as I could to feel comfortable in the hospital which I think helped.

OP posts:
TotalChaos · 13/04/2009 09:52


Schulte · 13/04/2009 09:53

Congratulations Electra! So that was quick! Let us know when you've chosen a name.

Wheelybug · 13/04/2009 09:57

Congratulations !

Am pleased it all worked out well in the end and that you feel it was the right decision.

mrsturnip · 13/04/2009 09:59

oh congratulations electra


mspotatochip · 13/04/2009 10:04

I was following your earlier thread so glad it went well. Congratulations!

SpringySponge · 13/04/2009 13:11

Wow, that was really speedy! 5cm - birth in 20 minutes?! Did I read that right?

Massive congratulations! xx

Comewhinewithme · 13/04/2009 13:14

Congratulations .

Ewe · 13/04/2009 13:14

Congrats electra!

Do you have a name yet?

lizziemun · 13/04/2009 14:43

Congratulation Electra, your induction sounds like both of mine. Mild twinges to full blown labour in a short amount of time.

nappyaddict · 13/04/2009 14:58


BoffinMum · 13/04/2009 15:35

Congratulations!!! I am so pleased the hypnobirthing helped and I am sure it made the journey into the world easier for your LO, given the circumstances.

Thank goodness they spotted potential placenta problems. There are times modern medicine is brilliant.

coppertop · 13/04/2009 15:38

Huge congratulations, Electra.

mears · 13/04/2009 17:10

Congratulations Electra. You are right, she will be making up for lost time by feeding frequently. It will settle down though

electra · 13/04/2009 22:50

Yes, indeed BoffinMum. I am so glad I decided to do it - I think she's better out. Springy - yes you did read right! It was a bit of a shock really.

I still haven't chosen a name yet. I did like Cleo but feel she doesn't suit it so I will have to think again. She's half Sicilian but don't think I would choose anything Italian...

Thanks for all your kind messages

OP posts:
StarlightMcEggzie · 13/04/2009 22:56

Yay, - blimmin well done you!

Welcome little girl!

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