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gingerninja had her home birth but didn't fill the pool in time!

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gingerninja · 31/03/2009 20:53

For anyone interested.

Had my lovely DD2 last Thursday at 41 weeks exactly. Had started to resign myself that my planned home water birth wasn't going to happen as the baby wasn't showing any signs of arrival and the longer I waited the more anxious I became which made it less likely to happen!

Anyway, I was booked for a stretch and sweep on the Thursday which I really didn't want and tried my best to relax but the evening and night seemed to come and go without event. I woke my DH at 4am in a huff because I couldn't sleep convinced it would all end in a c-section (positive thinking ginger!) anyway, he suggested we give the sex thing a go again as that was about the only option available at that time in the morning! It worked! Literally as we finished I had my first contraction!

I then had very irregular and mild contractions for about an hour and a half before I decided to get up and have some breakfast. They weren't particularly painful and most of them didn't seem to amount to a proper contraction, just tailing off before reaching a peak as it were.

Luckily it was a day that DD1 goes to nursery so we managed to get her up and get her out to nursery early. It was a little difficult getting her dressed and having contractions at the same time!

I knew that the midwife on call rota changed over at 8.30 and thought I'd hold off calling them until then as nothing seemed very imminent. Still pretty manageable and irregular. Then at about 8.20 my waters broke, at that point everything changed and the contractions came on thick and fast. DH was instructed to fill the pool (had bought a La Bassine to labour in). Midwife arrived at 8.50 and called the second midwife immediately. DH was still faffing with the pool, couldn't get the temperature right apparently! anyway, midwife suggested it might be a little late as she could see the head and to be honest at that point I didn't want to move anywhere. Second midwife arrived at 9.20 and my DD2 was born at 9.45 weighing 8lb 8oz.

The relief that it was all over and that it had all been straight forward, was immense. I had a little wobble at some point that if I needed to transfer to hospital for anything I'm not sure how the hell I'd have done it.

After a quick bath we were tucked up in bed and my DH came and got in with us (that is one of the best things about a home birth) and we enjoyed the peace and quiet until DD1 came home to find her new baby sister who she is thrilled with. As are we all.

OP posts:
Nabster · 31/03/2009 20:56

That is lovely.

Hurrah for your DH.

Well done you, too.

bratnav · 31/03/2009 20:57

Congratulations, how wonderful for you all. Do we have a name yet, or would you prefer not to share that here?

DevilsAdvocaat · 31/03/2009 20:58


gingerninja · 31/03/2009 21:01

Yes Nabster, he plays to his strengths

It's Emily, Bratnav

OP posts:
bratnav · 31/03/2009 21:01

Ooh lovely name too

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate · 01/04/2009 08:17



(Well done to your DH! bets he feels all powerful now - apart from pool filling that is!)

EffiePerine · 03/04/2009 08:34

What a lovely story Ginger - a quick birth too! Fab name

4andnotout · 03/04/2009 08:38


Lovely name and it sounds like a brilliant birth

jadeybaby100 · 01/06/2009 12:40

what a lovely ending! am so looking forward to having homebirth any advice to prepare? p.s this may be a little cheeky but i noticed you mentioned the birthing pool just wondering if you were thinking of selling it? many thnks and congratulations x

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